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How to have fun as op without cheating

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Hi, today I am going to be showing you a couple of ways to have fun as server op without doing cheaty stuff. I am operator on my server, and I like to mess with my friends without doing stuff like /give or /tp etc.

Make animals talk

With this command, you can make a certain type of animal say something /execute as @e[type=ANIMAL] run say MESSAGEIf I wanted all my squids to say "HELLO!", I'd run this command: /execute as @e[type=squid] run say HELLO!How to have fun as op without cheating

Strange messages in chat

With this command, you can send a message in chat without your name at the top. Perfect for messing with your friends.
/tellraw @a "MESSAGE"Here's an example I did on my friend anonpmc3078393 a few days ago:
How to have fun as op without cheating
You could also replace the @a with the name of a certain player (or any target selector) if you want it to only show up for a particular player.

Server whispering

For this one, you'll need access to your server console. It won't work very well as a command in chat. You could also replace the playername with @a to target all players online. Send this command on your server console:
tell PLAYERNAME MESSAGEIf I did the command tell Beatso I'm watching you..., here's the result:
How to have fun as op without cheating

That's it for now, but I'll update this blog if I think of anything else to add, so be sure to favourite to get notified when I do!

CreditThanks Fjorde for letting me experiment on you

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