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How to Hotkey in MineCraft PvP with Soups!

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iSkittles_ avatar iSkittles_
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Okay, so some people don't know how to soup in PvP. What you do is, You have a sword in your 1 slot. Soups in 2-9. You hit 1, hit people, hit 2 and drink a soup, then click 1 and fight! You keep doing that until you kill them in a fight. Or if there's refills, you can after you drink a soup, hit "Q" to drop the bowl so you can get a clean refill. Once you kill them, you keep on killing them! You can also Scroll with your mouse too! (I prefer Scrolling for Beginners, and then you practice for Hotkeying.) I am in the top 500 in PvP in Minecraft with soups. This is a quick and easy strategy. Take this into note and share!

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