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How to Install a Mod(from the modloader age :\)

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avatar LAUAR
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There are people that do not know how to install a mod. This is a guide for them.
First, do next steps:

  1. Open the zip/rar/whatever file
  2. If there is readme file then read it and do not follow other steps. If there was not, continue this guide.
  3. Go to start menu and click run
  4. In text bar type %APPDATA% and click OK
  5. Go to folder Roaming in appdata
  6. Go to folder .minecraft

There are three methods of installing mod, and one additional. First method is to use a installer, but mods with installers are rare, and this guide is about manual installing. Second method is to install mod in .minecraft/mods folder, but I think that this is just for some Modloader mods. Third method is the hardest and includes opening minecraft. The additional is to put sounds in .minecraft/resources/mod folder.
For example, I will install Modloader:

  1. Go to .minecraft/bin folder
  2. Right click minecraft.jar and select Open with > WinRAR archiver/WinZIP
  3. Select the Modloader.zip file that you minimized in first part of this guide
  4. Click CTRL-A on your keyboard and drag all to minecraft.jar file
  5. Delete META-INF folder from minecraft.jar
  6. Close everything and run Minecraft
  7. If screen is not black, totally white or blue with error message and Main Menu appeared then you did everything correct

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