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How To Install || The Little Maids Mod~🎂 [Forge 2022]

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This blog will be focusing on on the Little Maids Mod. What it is, How to play it, and how to Install it to your game. Let's begin!

How To Install || The Little Maids Mod~🎂 [Forge 2022]


LittleMaidMob is a mod created by the users of 2ch and later hosted on the Japanese Minecraft forum "minecraftuser.jpIt" .The mod aims to add a (tameable) mob called the Little Maid, who can do a lot of stuff for you! The Mod was picked up again several times as Minecraft came out with new versions.

Versions such as:
🎂 Original ♡ MMM
🎂1.6 ♡ 2ch
🎂1.7.10 ♡ Goujer
🎂1.12.2 ♡ Peko Labs +Firis
🎂1.15.2 ♡ Firis
🎂1.16 ♡ シストラー (sistr_scarlet)


After years of gathering, I now have a working archive and database of LMM-related content to download! The document contains different versions of LMM and how to install it from their original link locations and owners. As well as downloads for voice-packs/skins/addons and more!

♡ Install Guide for multiple versions HERE
♡ Video Tutorial that works for most Versions HERE


♡ - A preferred version of Minecraft & Forge
I prefer to use the curse forge launcher since it makes separate folders from vanilla for a clean and easy modding experience. I like to play on versions 1.12.2 or 1.15!

♡ - The Little Maids Mod
Main Mod, do not unzip file

♡ - Model Loader/Multimodel set
This makes it so custom models can be added to your game. VOMS Models are the most popular and add different heights for your maidos. Only pick one Multimodel/ModelLoader ZIP depending on the version you choose

♡ - EB LIB/MODCHU LIB/LM library
Depending on what version you choose you might need these for the mod to work. Not many versions of LMM need this.

♡ - DLC, Models/Skins/Voicepacks [​Optional]
DLC (Downloadable Content) is created and available thanks to the community. Models are custom and not in the original LMM/Skins Are resource pack-like sets that can add extra textures using a pre-existing model in-mod/And voicepacks replace that dreadful ghast sound with something cuter. These items are optional to download but can enhance the mod if you choose to use them.


After you acquired your files, drag and drop them into the curseforge mods folder 📂 Run your game and make sure there are no crashes or conflicts. I also suggest testing this mod alone before pairing it with other mods. Make sure the items you picked are identical MC versions, or it will not work!

Minecraft: How To Install Little Maid Mod 1.4.6

Little Maid Mob Installation Tutorial 1.12.2

Minecraft 1.19.2 - LittleMaid ReBirth mod

Depending on the version of LMM you chose the code will be a bit different from the others. People have asked me how to fix issues such as:

-Broken pink and black textures over models:
This may occur when a player has failed to install the LMM Multi-model correctly, or the model is so outdated it can't run in the version being used

-Game crashes:
This may happen due to a mod conflict, Computer issues, or improper installation of LMM, Having wrong versions of the mod + addons

-Paired with gun/weapon mods:
Most weapon mods are made for player code only. Giving a maid a modded weapon may cause crashes or will not work. There have been some mods made for LMM that are gun themed that can be found on certain forums. And there are other weapon mods that may actually work. Test them out if you plan on using these kinds of mods.

-Crashes from other mods:
Some mods will not work with LMM so be sure to test pairings in a temp game to see if they run together!

-Pekos Build Issues:
I have received many reports that this version of LMM can be very buggy. Some Skins/Models may also not work for this version. It is recommended if you choose 1.12.2 to use Firis instead!



I've been obsessed with this mod since I discovered it in 2012! I got so far into it that I now make custom skins for this mod. It's a cute mod that's pretty helpful, especially if you are into farming or need protection from a cute anime girl XD I'm sad to see its hype is not too common these days. I think people are really missing out on it if you haven't installed it yet! I hope this mini-guide was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below👇

CreditNanashi no Yosshin ななしのよっしん, シストラー, 2ch, Goujer, Peko'sBuild, Firis, KuroNeko87

1 Update Logs

LMM Update #1 [2022] : by DollEyedNurse 11/24/2022 11:56:14 amNov 24th

I've redone a tutorial I attempted to post to Reddit. I decided to put it here instead!

-Added external updated links
-Updated the whole tutorial for 2022
-Tried to re-word tutorial to be more digestible and easier to understand

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