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How to install Minecraft Datapacks

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To install minecraft datapacks, first you have to find a datapack for your minecraft version. After you find a datapack for your version, open minecraft and hit the play button. Then create a new world. Now click the datapacks button.

You may recognize this screen, and that's for good reason. This uses the same layout as the resource packs screen. If you do know this, then you probably already know how to use it. If not, that's fine.

Now what you need to do is it the "Open Pack Folder" button at the bottom of your screen. This should open up a folder in either File Explorer or Finder (which one opens depends on the operating system you're using). Locate the datapack you downloaded and drag and drop it into the other folder. Now if you go back to minecraft you should see the datapack listed there. Hover over it and hit the sideways triangle. Then hit done, and create your world. Congrats! You have now added a datapack to minecraft.

(Disclaimer: This tutorial was done on Minecraft 1.19.2. Some of these steps may differ for other minecraft versions.)

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