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[1.7] How to install Minecraft Forge in 7 steps! (5K Views)

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NOTE: This blog has not been updated for 1.7 because Forge has not came out for 1.7. This should take a while because the 1.7 update changed thousands of lines of code. When Forge for 1.7 comes out I will update this blog.

Hey Doods! Today I will be showing you how to install Minecraft Forge In 7 steps!

You need the new Minecraft Launcher for this

First Step - You need to download Forge. Link is here http://bit.ly/18kyzaY Then download the latest version (1.6.1)

Second step - Open the document that you downloaded. It should say: the directory is missing a launcher profile. Then close the Forge document.

Third Step - Open your Minecraft Launcher and create a new profile called Default by clicking on new profile and clicking create new profile.

Fourth step - Hit play using your new Default profile. Then at the home screen hit quit game and close the launcher.

Fifth Step- Open your Forge document again and it should be selected as Install client. Then hit OK and it should come up with a message saying "successfully installed client profile Forge (version)

Sixth Step - Open your Minecraft Launcher and look in your profiles and it should have made a new profile called "Forge".

Seventh Step - Hit play with the profile"Forge" selected.

That is how you install it.

If you would like to know how to install mods for it visit my other blog about that. http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-install-mods-with-minecraft-forge-in-5-steps/

If this wasn't clear please go check out this video on YouTube by SCMowns2


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10/02/2013 10:46 pm
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Or, you could just install the Forge installer>open with JavaTM>Install to client>??>Profit
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