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How To Install Minecraft Forge On A Mac (1.5.2)

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Hello This is Pidgey11 and i will be showing you how to install minecraft forge on a mac because most people show this tutorial on windows and mac users do not understand how to install forge.(Note minecraft forge or forgemodloader is an easy way to install mods instead of doing it manualy) 1. Locate your .minecraft folder to do this open up finder and on the top bar there should be a selection saying click on that then click and on there type this in exacly (Caps and everything) /Users//Library/Application Support/minecraft. 2. You should now be in your .minecraft folder which has all the data from minecraft in it. Now locate the folder go into it and then look for the .jar called . 3.Left click on the once and press enter you should now be able to rename the rename it and click enter. 4. There will now be a warning saying are you sure you would like to cange the .jar into .zip click yes. Now double left click on the .zip folder. 5. You should now see a FOLDER saying on it. Now open up that folder. 6. Download the newest version of minecraft forge UNIVERSAL. make sure you get the universal one. Type this in on your search bar to get the minecraft forge downloads. files.minecraftforge.net/ 7. Once you got that downloaded just delete the folder from your and drag all the contents from your minecraft forge download into your folder. 8. Start minecraft. If it shows a loading bar when you start minecraft say please wait while FML is setting up your minecraft enviroment then it means minecraft forge is working and you can enjoy installing mods easyly! IF THIS WORKED PLEASE GIVE A DIAMOND!

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