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How To Install Minecraft Maps

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DuYan avatar DuYan
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DuYan Here With An Amoooooooooooooozing Tutorial: How To Milk A Cow! Nah, I'm Kidding, I'm Gonna Tell You The Secrets Of The Universe: How To Install Someone Else's Map On Windows

Step 1: Verify That You Have Both A Windows Computer And A Premium Minecraft Account

Step 2: Click On The Windows Icon On The Bottom Of Your Screen

Step 3: Type In "%appdata%"

Step 4: Click On "Roaming"

Step 5: Click On ".minecraft"

Step 6: Click On "saves"

Step 7: Find That World You Wanted To Download, And Download It

Step 8: Place The Folder In The saves File (If The Folder Is A .zip, The Actual World Save Is Probably Inside It, If That Is The Case, Just Transfer The Folder Inside It To Your Saves Folder)

Step 9: Restart/Open Minecraft

Step 10: Enjoy The Map!

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DuYan, OUT

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08/03/2015 9:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
N_H20 avatar
I'm glad to see not everyone thinks you have to use WinRAR or whatever to install a map that is a .zip file (you almost never do)
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