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How to install rlcraft (2.8.2 BETA) and join woolcity for noobs

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I'm going to be linking to this forum post whenever people ask me how to join the NEW modded thing.
  1. Download the twitch client: https://www.twitch.tv/downloads Install it.
  2. Open it... Go to the Mods tab and select Minecraft
    Go to the mod section
  3. Obtain the BETA client version for 2.8.2. You will probably need to do this once every 2 days or any time Shivaxi says the modpack is updated in the link. To obtain, follow these next steps:

    a. Join the Shivaxi Land discord (https://discord.gg/2BZseKW)
    b. While you are at it, you may as well also join the Woolcity discord. *shrugs* (https://discord.gg/QrvqAv2)
    b2. There are some steps needed before you can get to the next step. Steps like waiting for 10 minutes. If impatient, maybe this link will work for you, and then you can skip all the other sub steps. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UzGfWrhV_dPiz8gNkbBSTH2oPOy4bm8j
    c. Make your way over to the #rlcraft-282-test channel on the Shivaxi Discord
    d. Check the pins and you should find a CLIENT link. (The link could change at any time so always get the update from the discord)
    How to install rlcraft (2.8.2 BETA) and join woolcity for noobs
    e. Download the zip file to your computer somewhere.
    f. Congrats, you obtained the BETA client version for 2.8.2

  4. Switch back to the twitch launcher and click "Create Custom Modpack" and then importHow to install rlcraft (2.8.2 BETA) and join woolcity for noobs

  5. Find and select the modpack zip file you downloaded earlier. Now import it.

  6. Play!

  7. Click play again. This time notice the default MC launcher will appear, but with a new forge profile selected for it.

  8. When you get to server selection, use rlcraft2.woolcity.net:25565 as your IP to join. Or join some other server of choice. Totally up to you.

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