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The Day Minecraft Stood Still (TEMPLE SAGA) part 4 (SEASON FINALE)

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As we entered the chamber we had a bad feeling about this one, when we saw herobrine floating in this chamber room with lava coming for the walls and hearing endermen all around us, gave us the "chills of willy" he said well looking at us with an appalling stare, "good thing you made it this far i was getting bored! He pressed a button and, it opened a secret passage and there was 4 on each wall and endermen came out of them! So deathluigi killed them all and kakarot798 charged at herobrine yelling "This is for all that you killed and damage you caused!!!" kakarot798 whispers, "this is for you monsterjohn!"
But herobrine laughed! saying "YOU WISH!" and he pulls a lever that makes all the ground fall but the area where deathluigi is... And kakarot798 falls into the void and it says (Kakarot798 fell into the void) and herobrine hit the lever again closing the ground and says "Follow me you fool!" and deathluigi does into the next chamber and he turns away from deathluigi and says... To be continued........


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Update #1 : 08/12/2012 7:34:33 pmAug 12th, 2012

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