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How to install The Aether Mod II for windows

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Step 1:
download the mod and all of the requisites, just go to the links VVV





If any links dont work or are out dated goto: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1842350-151-alpha-aether-ii-genesis-of-the-void-v102-bug-fixes/

Step 2: goto your .minecraft folder, to do this click on your windows icon and type "run" into the search bar. then select the program; run. once opened type "%appdata%" ito it then push enter, navigate to the .minecraft folder.

Step 3: once in your .minecraft folder, goto the "bin", once in the binreplace the minecraft.jar file with the minecraft.jar you downloaded.

Step 4: goto where ever you downloaded those files, extract all of the files execpt for the aether mod file using winrar or 7zip, then go back to your .minecraft and open the minecraft.jar file with winrar once that is open copy all of the files from the downloaded folders into it IN THIS ORDER: Forge first, Player API then Render Player API.

Step 5: open minecraft to the title screen, then close it. go back to your .minecraft folder and there should be a "mods" folder, open that folder and put the AetherII_Alpha_v1.0.2_MC1.5.1.zip into it.

Step 6: launch minecraft, play mod!!!!!!!!

if this tutorial does not work or if you are having any problems just leave a comment and i will help you.

If this tutorial helped you leave a diamond and a favorite,

Thank You.

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