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How to locate caves in Minecraft 1.16.5!

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DragonPoika avatar DragonPoika
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Hello! This tutorial will tell you:
- How to locate caves on the grass layer of your world
- Make sure your 1x1 holes are safe!

First, get some tools. For this tutorial, I took a bonus chest. For my frame rate being super low on survival worlds, I use Rodrigo's 8x8 texture pack. Big thanks to him! First, get some stuff. Most of the things you need are food, blocks, pickaxe and torches. You can use Optifine, it helps a lot.

First, we'll go through the way to do it on Vanilla Minecraft. Open your Debug screen (F3) and look for the C on the left side of the screen. It should on the 4th line. Now, keep the debug screen visible. The C can go really high, especially when mining. We'll look for a cave first, just to start. After this tutorial, you will need no cave! You can now start strip mining after you have found your cave. You should see the C going real high, possibly even higher than 2000! Now, let's go back outside the cave. Now, the C should go a little chill. Try to find a cliff and dig a few blocks. Now, if it goes high, that means that there's a high change of there been some clear space behind OR inside the cliff! This can be a cave, or, just the back of the cliff. Now, go back to the cave. I found this weirdly generated area. Now, try the same trick. Look on the walls, and look at the C.

C value high? Cave should be at that direction.
C value low? It's just stone.

If you have Optifine installed you can put the Debug screen off, and do the next steps.
Press ESC > Options > Video settings > Other... > Show FPS: On
This also shows the C value, being really useful. Now, this technique also works for digging straight down as I told on the start of this tutorial. You can go to a plains biome, a real smooth one. Look down, and find the spot where the C value is 1 digit. Now, if you learnt something from my bad explanations, you should be a master on finding caves! Just to be sure, I'm not responsible for being banned for X-ray!

Oops, made a mistake. I had no pictures, and as I'm not home now, I cannot add them. I got them on my main account, until that, there will be no pictures. I also need to get a permission from Rodrigo!
CreditMagmaMusem on YouTube and Rodrigo for the 8x8 texture pack used in the pictures!!
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