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How to Make a End City

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avatar Foxtails13
Level 19 : Journeyman Engineer
Hi! Today I have a new thing for me, a building tutorial! Today, I'll be showing you how to make an end city. No, I'm not copying Grian. (Or Mojang for that matter, I barely used any purpur.) I have a completely different style. (I mean, compare the picture for this tutorial with Grain's city.)

Tower 1.

1. Start with the tallest and biggest tower and replace corners with acacia logs.

2. Continue the pillars of acacia up 4 blocks and place glowstone on the 3rd block.

3. Make a roof as you choose. (See image for help.)

4.Now that you're fully covered and safe, replace the 2nd block of the acacia column (2nd block at the top) with crafting tables.

5. Replace the floor with chiseled quartz and obsidian to make a checkerboard pattern, and replace the middle block with a sea lantern.

6. Replace any remaining obsidian with pillar quartz blocks. (except the floor obsidian.)

7. Place a acacia fence randomly on the sides of the the tower, continue the fences out for two blocks, place another fence on the second one, place a sea lantern on that, and place a slab on the sea lantern. There you go! Tower 1 is now complete.

Tower 2.

1. Chose a tower on either side of the tower 1. You want the tower you choose to be slightly shorter than Tower 1, but not too much shorter. If the towers on either side aren't the right size, that's okay, we'll just connect this tower to a different living quarters tower later on.

2. Replace the top layer with grass, except for the sides, leave nothing there, we'll get to it later.



1. This is not going to be complete for a while. I'll try to finish it by August 2017.

2. You may see some things in the picture that aren't in the directions, that's because I felt like those things were too small to make a step on. You can do these things if you want.

Well I hope this helped you. I'll see you later!

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