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How to make a epic minecraft server and run it! (Contest)

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avatar betasam
Level 43 : Master Slime Tamer
Well to make a EPIC minecraft server host it off websites I advise Creeperhosting.com!

Step #1: Start by buying a minecraft server on some website.

Step #2: Get craftbukkit from bukkit.org and install it into your server and use bukkit.org to get the mods bellow.

Step #3: You will need some mods for the server, get them off bukkit. I think these mods are good for a minecraft server, Essentials, Group manager, lockette, worldedit, world guard, Hawkeye. Some optional mods I think are good are, Factions, Mob disguise, Multi-Verse but there's plenty more fun mods out there I'm just listing a few that I know of.

Step #4: Create a new world for your server. You could do a custom world but I advise your own, It's more fun!

Step #5: Make a really nice spawn, You will need a nice spawn for your players to enjoy!

Step #6: Post your server when your spawns ready with rules make sure you've made the mods work the way you want them too!

Step #7: Make people higher ranks when you trust them, you will need help from moderators and admins to deal with those hackers and griefers!

Step #8: Don't brag or abuse your powers it upsets people making them want to leave your server.

Step #9: Try to keep those hackers and griefers off your server!

Step #10: Make sure everyone is having a fun time!!!

That's how to make a epic minecraft server and run it there will be conflicts that might come up while running your epic minecraft servers. I suggest beastnode for a server hosting site, they have cheap deal's that your players will love with all the mods and slots you can get! There's other websites out there and one of them is enjin they will make your players happy with making a website for you when you create a server, the website has fourms and everything so check them both out! Enjoy - betasam <><
CreditJarrenDirk, betasam

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Update #1 : 07/13/2012 10:57:05 amJul 13th, 2012

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07/12/2012 2:26 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cake
Or you could have a home server
And on the plugins list u should add pex (permissionsex)
08/20/2012 10:04 am
Level 43 : Master Slime Tamer
Eh Group Manager is better.
10/05/2012 3:57 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pokemon
I agree, some people say Group Manager is old and out dated, but it does the job well and it's easy to set up!
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