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How to make a faction

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DDWizardGaming avatar DDWizardGaming
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Hello guys! My name is DDWizardGaming! I am a faction leader to a large faction on conspiracycraft.us and im here to share my knowledge with you!

Before you keep reading, i need you to KNOW that you will only succeed if you spend a lot of time on this and not give up!

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on the conspiracy craft server, the commands may vary from server to server!

STEP 1: First make a faction, on conspiracy craft the command is /f create [faction name]

STEP 2: Make a description for your faction! The command is /f desc [description]

STEP 3: This is one of the most important parts... CLAIMING LAND! For this you will need a good spot (ex. a corner or a side of the world limit...CORNERS ARE BEST!!!). To make a safe base you will first need to claim land. Claiming land means that only people in YOUR faction with the right perms, can edit the land in any way in your claim... Claiming only claims one chunk (16x16 blocks) and uses up some of your power. The command for claiming your land is: /f claim one

STEP 4: Now for the base! The base is the most important part of your faction since it hold all your items and valuables (ex. spawners and diamonds). To make the base you need to look up the different types of walls and figure out if you can afford the walls (ex. wrapper walls, regen walls, filters, sand walls, there are many more than just these). Next you make a reasonable sized base (ex. 1x1 chunk, my starter was 2x2 chunks) at sky limit (for protection purposes) and build your walls (generate them using lava and water, look up tutorials on faction walls).

STEP 5: Recruit members! ONLY RECRUIT PEOPLE YOU KNOW OR YOU ARE TAKING A MASSIVE RISK! I can not say this enough only recruit people you know and trust! Sometimes when you don't have any friends the play factions, you need to make a huge risk, and recruit a random player (get a noob at factions so they are loyal!) so the can recruit their friends!

STEP 6: Make money! Sell items by doing /sell and save up for spawners. Spawners are very good at making income for your faction and is an excellent source of xp for custom enchants (by doing /ce). Spawners are expencive but are WORTH IT!

STEP 7: Learn to raid... Raiding is the main focus in factions. By making TNT cannons outsinde of a base and firing, you can break through walls and take loot from chests. Creeper eggs are also used for raiding, but only realy effective INSIDE the base to break walls and chests.

STEP 8: Enjoy the factions experience!

Mystic faction leader: DDWizardGamingYT

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05/01/2017 12:39 pm
Level 22 : Expert Blockhead
raidarr avatar
It is sometimes wise not to claim land - claims indicate that there is something there to raid, and if a bigger faction is what's looking at you, that could turn out badly very quickly. That said, it shouldn't be a problem if you go out a far enough distance.

Corners are alright on larger worlds, yet the right angle corners are a bit of a detection risk - there's probably a few raiders out there that would take your advice in searching for a spot to raid. Random and far away is my suggestion. When I played factions and actually made bases, I would turn around and run (at an angle) behind the spawnpoint where players face upon joining. It's a common habit to run directly forwards, and it's easier to throw people off from detection if you take an angle less explored.

And finally, if you can, a nice spot in the middle of the ocean can be a very good spot if you're trying to be tactical about base placement.
04/25/2017 3:07 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Geek
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Welcome to PMC (I think you're new)
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