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How to make a Fast Food Joint

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avatar Chucktheintersect
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Ever seen a great restaurant build and wanted to replicate it, but wanted it to be original? Fret no more fellow crafters! I've been on creative plot servers and made my own restaurant. So now, for your worlds and servers(Please credit me though, I am Nate_The_Doctor )

Step 1. Make an outline to the building.

Step 2. Once you have an outline of your building place stone slabs around the edge of 2 connecting sides(The edge of a road)

Step 3. Place a two block wide 1 block deep channel of black wool(asphalt) next to the stone slab line.

Step 4. Now, place a line of stone slabs around the outer edge of the wool. See pic 1 for actual example

Step 5. Now, make the walls doorways for the building.

Step 6. Now make a parking lot with black wool, white wool, and stone slabs as sidewalk barriers.

Step 7. Now, make a nice floor inside

Step 8. Now we are working on the inside, make a 1 block high counter made out of whatever material you used for the walls like bricks.

Step 9. Add a door on one side, separating the kitchen from the main area.

Step 10. Kitchen time! Place some furnaces and chests to add realism to your place. A great idea is placing lava as fuel in the furnace. It lasts a really long time and makes it look like food is constantly cooking!

Step 11. Pay attention! On 1 wall in the kitchen, destroy 1 block creating a small window. Now, 2 blocks behind the window. Get a piston and a glass block. Place a block 2 spaces behind the hole. Then, place the piston(Sticky) on top of it, with the glass block on the end with a lever under the piston. This makes the glass go to cover and open the hole as a drive-thru window. Put a sign outside saying 'Pay at this window'. Replicate this on the other wall saying 'Receive order here' These make it look like a 2 phase stop for someone on the road you made earlier.

Step 12. Make fence/pressure plate table arrangement on the guest area. This allows for tables for people to eat at.

Step 13. On the counter, use item frames to display food and put signs with names and prices on it!

Step 14. Make your roof.

Step 15. Make a small chimney on the roof over the kitchen.

Step 16. Use cobwebs to emulate smoke!

Great job! You made a fast food joint! Add extra decorations to personalize it! Please diamond!
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