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How to make a Gif

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Heres a few step on how to make a Gif Gifs on photoshop are simple to make once you get the hang of them. Io ll try my best to explain how to create them. Io ll be using Photoshop CS4 Final result (for a gif set) Step 1 Open photoshop, of course. Go to file>scripts>load files into a stacko ¦ and this window should appear. select the Browse button and choose all of your screencaps. I used VLC reader to screencap Sherlock. Make sure you select all of you images at once by holding Ctrl when selecting. Once done click OK and your images will load into a stack. Step 2 Select all frames. Step 3 Open a new file, I used 245 x 165 for sizing. Step 4 This bit gets a bit confusing, Io ll try my best to explain Minimise the document with the stacked images, and pull the frames from that file into the new file. It will be much much larger then the new document so just resize it. When resizing make sure you have all of the layers selected still, so they all resize together. Step 5 Once you have the new image resized you can close the old one because we dont need that anymore. It should end up like this. Step 6 Now, go to window and make sure the Animations section is ticked. You will get a window up like this. Step 7 Now ito s pretty much all about this window. Click on this button on the right hand top corner. Make sure all of the frames are selected again. On that button click on Make Frames From Layers and your layers will be converted into frames. (you will probably have a blank frame at the front, so delete that frame) Select all frames and click that button again. Click on the Reverse Frames button and the frames will reverse. Make sure you do this step or your gif will run backwards which the majority of the time looks silly. Now select all of the frames again and change the timing by clicking on this. Experiment with the timing to see what looks right to you. I have used 0.15 (this isno t an option so click on Other and type it in) Step 8 (optional) Now select all of the frames again and add a PSD. I used this psd [x] Step 8 Now sharpen each frame. I know this takes ages and ages but its worth it as it gives you gif much better quality. I used smart sharpen with these settings. After youo ve done that you should have this. (press to preview) Step 9 Now go to File>Save For Web & Devices and save as a gif and you are done! Posted by Apple iPhone
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