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How to make a Good Creative Server

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delshady's Avatar delshady
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So you want to make a Good and Successful Creative Server eh?

It’s not easy making a Creative Server when you don’t know the tips and tricks of making one, so i’m here to help. Keep in mind that this was made using Microsoft Word, so this is copy+pasted to the Planet Minecraft New Blog Thread so i can add Pictures.

Anyway, lets begin shall we?


1. Use a Plots Type Server.

Not many people know this, but Plots is the common type of server most people want these days, you can try and use a naturally generated terrain to make the builds more realistic.


2. Set up some basic rules.

I have seen quite a few people make rules that are useless like “NO Griefing” Or “Do Not Steal” Or something like that, when your considering that Plots uses a claim system, if a player invites someone he didnt trust, its HIS fault, not the griefer.

Here are a few rules to be implemented :

- Do not abuse WorldEdit (read below)

- Do not leave empty Plots (read below)

- Do not ask for staff (To me this is pretty basic, but most servers i’ve been in hasnt had this.)

- Invite players at your own risk (read above)


3. Reward Your Players

Reward your player for being on the server, or for voting, or for the heck of it! Creative Servers are empty because players are not really into just building things so people will see it, try these systems :

- Reward Your Player through Voting (This way, both you and your player will be rewarded.)

- Reward Your Player by making a rank system (This way, your player will be more active in order to achieve that “Master Builder” Rank that everybody’s talking about.)

- Reward Your Player though Time (This way, players can stay in your server longer.)


4. Add Special Ranks

Find a solution to make your server uptime to always be 100%, if your running on a Minecraft Server Launcher, ignore this step. But if your running of a Dedicated Server Service, you will need this! Add in ranks that MAKE SENSE! Don’t add in ranks that will give the player the power to jump......


5. (Plots) Don’t leave empty Plots around!

Does this look appealing to you? Empty plots are the bane of any creative server, try to make a system that unclaim claimed empty land in like 2 days or so, if there is little to no activity within 2 days, the ownership of the plot shall be revoked, this can also make your player more active.


6. Give players Admin Building Commands

Give players the ability to think their an Admin, everyone wants to be Admin right? The World Edit tool can be a really useful tool and can be exploited through many directions :

- Sell /Worldedit in your shop.

- Give /Worldedit for a certain rank.

- Give /Worldedit in a building contest.

- Give /Worldedit temporarily to players who vote.


Well, i guess this pretty much concludes it, i may update this later on, you can also give me suggestions on what i should add here for Number 7.

Anyways, thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe, favorite and leave a diamond!

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07/06/2018 6:14 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
jorikasgaming's Avatar
where can I get a system that un-claims plots that are empty in plot squared?