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How to make a Good Minecraft machinima! -Contest


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How to make a Minecraft Machinima!!!

Be Creative!!

Don't make Machinima's that are already on machinima, Make it original!! Dont make a Herobrine machinima when theres already a couple thousand Videos about herobrine. Make it catchy so that other people would want to see your Video!!

Have a Good Voice, Not a cracky one

Make sure your Main character or all characters have a Good voice, so other people can Understand what their saying and you can understand the Plot

Have a Good Plot

Make sure you have a good plot so that your Machinima wont be b0r1ng! Spice it up!! Make it Intertaining!

What kind of recording material should i Have?

Use anything to Fraps, Bandicam, and If you wanna make a xbox Machinima you can also use a Hdpvr

Should i use Machinima, Machinima Realm or machinima Respawn?

You chose what kind of machinima director you want, It your Video anyways!!

Make sure you have Fun!! Dont forget its for Fun

Have Fun with your Video and like i said Spice it up with spizaz!!

If you like it please Diamond!!

Hope you like my Minetorial!!!

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did u make movie?
Nope :(

I need the software
But what is this?
Sorry about that i was updating this blog and a Machinima is basically a little movie in a Video game to make it Enteresting!

I updated the blog and the video talks about how to make one!! :)

Hope this helps
i know the channel
what is machinima?

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