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How to make a great house


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No.1 Texture
Textures can be big things while building houses in minecraft. There are lots of colourful blocks to choose from so choose wisely.
No.2 Shapes and sizes
Maybe if your playing in survival you would rather have a small house but in other terms your house must be very spacious. This can come in handy in the future. Make sure you don't go over the top with shapes. I recommend using rectangles and squares.
No.3 Interior
You don't want your house being overpacked you must leave some space.
No.4 Outside of your house
You will also want to decorate the outside of your house by making some paths and maybe even a garage! Remember not to go over the top with your outside design though!
No.5 Lighting
It is vital with lighting (especially at night)! This is because it is possible for monsters to spawn at night whilst your away. Use any sought of light to light up the interior and outside of the house. You must also find an efficient way to light up the roof of your house. Anything will do for example glowstone and torches.
No.6 Designing
Remember to always have at least one idea in your head before building the house otherwise things may go wrong throughout the building process.

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