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How To Make A Hub Server

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Etsey's Avatar Etsey
Level 31 : Artisan Toast
Making A Hub Server Is Hard! You Need To Do Loads! You Need To Set Up Donations, Pay For It And Most Important Of All: Have Trusted Friends To Help You Build! I Am Owner Of A Hub Server, We Have Had it For Like A Month Now And We Are Still Building It! It Is Really Hard And You Either Have To have A lot Of Spare Time To Build It Or You Have The Money To Employ A Great Builder. On My Server, I Have Opted To Build It And There Are Loads Of Staff And Other Owners To Help Me! I Have Had Loads Of Support From My Friends Family And Others! It Is Hard, But In The End Its Worth It! I Mean You Get Loads Of Credit, Subscribers And Loads Of Votes! So How To Make A Hub Server I Hear You Ask! Well, I'm Writing This Blog To Tell You How!

The Host!
I Would Recommend The "Snaju" Host! It Hosts BunjeeCord Servers (The Main Hub Portals) It Supplies A Very Good Service And It Has Served Lots Of Customers. Snaju Has A Range Of Different Prices To Suit Your Every Need! You Can Buy Add-On's As Well! You Can Add A 45-Day Trial On Enjin And You Can Buy Separate Ips For Your Every Need.

The Servers!
I Would Recommend Lots Of Different Servers And Don't Waste Money On Useless Ones That No-One Wants To Donate For. I Would Recommend About 8 Servers To Make Your Server Successful. I Would Recommend Those 8 Servers Would Be: Factions, Towny, Skywars, Survival Games, Prison, OpSurvival, Creative And MiniGames! Of Course You Can Have Any Servers You Want Its Just Those Servers Are The Most Popular!

The Builders!
You Need To Employ People You Can Trust If You Aren't Going To Employ Anyone! I Wouldn't Just Go On A Random Server And Say Can Someone Help Me Build On My Server Because They Are Most Likely To Grief And Ruin All Your Work! If You Are Going To Employ Someone I Would Recommend Slap-Build Hires! Their E-mail Is slapbuildhires@outlook.com They Are Brilliant And They Are Really Good Builders! The Best Thing About Them Is That You Don't Have To Pay Much! You Can Hire Them For As Much or As Little As You Like!

The Staff!
Make Sure The People Who You Are Giving Op Or Staff Are Trusted People That You Know! If You Are Going To Make Staff Application Forums The Applicant Needs To Play Loads To Even Be Thought About! I Would Recommend That They Were To Donate Before They Can Become Staff.

The Website!
If You Are Wanting A Free Website You Can Get These Free Websites That Have No Sub Domains. Sub Domain Is When You Get A Free Website For Example You Want To Make A Website On Weebly Or Moonfruit, You Can Make The Website Easy But When You Publish It It Will Have A Sub Domain On So Say I Wanted A Clothes Shop The Address Would Be www.DatClothesShopOverThere.Weebly.com There Is No Way To Remove This Without Paying But You Can get A Website For Free That Dosen't Have A Sub-Domain But Instead Of .com Or .net Or Something At The End Of It It Will Say .Tk. Search .Tk In Google And That Shall Work. Or If You Want A More Professional Website I Would Recommend Enjin! Its What Most Servers Use!

The Donations!
All Good Servers Need Donations! People Donate To get Extra Perks And Commands And To Improve Their Chances Of Becoming Staff. Now For Them To Donate You Can Either Just Make Them Send Money Over Pay Pal, Use A Thing Called Buy-Craft Or Use The Website! Buy-Craft Is A Donation System That Makes It Easier For People To Donate Using Pay Pal. I'm Not Too Sure What Happens I Think It Sets You Up An Automatic Pay Pal Account And You Register Your Bank Details Then At The End Of The Week, It Adds The Money To Your Credit Card. On A Store On A Website, You Sign Ur Pay Pal Details Up With It, And It Sends Peoples Donation Money To Your Pay Pal. Or There Is The Old - School Way Which Is Just Make People Send The Money Directly To Your Pay Pal!

The Running!
After All This Time For Preparing To Release It To The Public You Get Really Exited! But You Must Make Sure You Do Not Abuse Because People Don't Play On A Server With Really Abusive Owners. And Remember You Would't Like It If That Happened To You Would You!! The First Few Weeks Of Your Server There Might Not Be Many Donations But You Have To Set Up Everything You Can To Make Your Server Very Well Advertised. Once You have Made Your Server, It Isn't That Simple After Either! You Need To Advertise Un-Till You Can Advertise No More!

So There You Have It! One Complete Guide To The Making Of A Hub Server

Hope You Enjoyed!
Thanks For Reading!

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Dark Assasian
08/22/2014 3:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dark Assasian's Avatar
My question is what plugins do you get if you are gonna make 1
08/27/2014 10:10 am
Level 31 : Artisan Toast
Etsey's Avatar
Well it's up to you :D I would reccomend eco pets for the hub and a plugin that lets u click a compass to choose a server :)
Have Fun :D
06/01/2014 9:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
sillibird's Avatar
Slow down on the caps
10/17/2013 11:51 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Network
viktorhubinette's Avatar
even tho i dont want this information. its a great explornation i hope theres a lot of ppl out there
in need of your information i realy suport this tread :)
10/26/2013 9:58 am
Level 31 : Artisan Toast
Etsey's Avatar
Thanks! It Would Be Much Appreciated If You Were To Tell Your Friends About This! :)
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