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How to make a jukebox powered piston!

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Rycraft729 avatar Rycraft729
Level 30 : Artisan Pixel Painter
This is just a fun thing you can do with using a block update detector. If you don't know what the block update detector is, it's a redstone device you can use with pistons for numerous locks and combinations. We're going to use the block update detector to run our jukebox powered piston.

What you will need:
- A piston
- A jukebox
- 3 redstone
- 2 SOLID (Redstone must be able to flow through the block) blocks
- 2 levers
Optional: A music disc

WARNING!: Do not break anything, unless told to!

Step 1: Make the block update detector. Arrange it just like the title picture, with the jukebox under lever 'Y' and next to the piston. Make the arm of the piston facing away from the jukebox.

Step 2: Turn on lever 'X', activating the redstone, not lever 'Y'.

Step 3: Turn on lever 'Y'.

Step 4: Break Lever 'X'. This should activate the piston. Then break lever 'Y' and the 2 solid blocks.

The piston will stay on, unless a block event happens within 1 block.

Step 5: Put a music disc in the jukebox, and the piston will close!

If you have followed the steps correctly, this will work. To reset it, re-arrange it the same was as at the begining. Have fun with the jukebox powered piston!

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12/09/2012 6:54 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
mylololz avatar
Whats the point. It would take ages to constantly reset it..
12/09/2012 6:58 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Rycraft729 avatar
I had said it was for fun. You don't have to reset it either.
12/17/2012 6:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
h713 avatar
also you could use it like in herobrines mansion, by hypixel
12/09/2012 9:12 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
mylololz avatar
Okay =P I was just wondering why you had made this
12/09/2012 9:13 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
mylololz avatar
I guess you could make this with a command block instead of piston, with the command /k @a, so that when the player hooks up the jukebox it makes all the players die xD
12/09/2012 5:30 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Blob
UltimateRecursion avatar
Sure, sure. You can also hook a BUD up with a furnace, a lever, a door, ......
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