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How to make a minecraft cinematic?

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How to make a minecraft map cinematic?

A lot of people create beautiful maps, take good screenshots and describe well but what to do to introduce whole terrain or buildings and encourage players to download? Cinematic is the best form to popularize it not only on Planet Minecraft but also on Youtube and other social media.


To record you need special plugin to control the camera movements and program recording your screen. First one's name is camera studio plugin which you can download it here. Controlling the plugin with commands you can set travelling time and 2 points where the camera will move. Important is to make long and slow shots because then in film editing you'll be able to regulate their speed and the video won't lag. Record more shots than you need to have more option to set them in given cinematic moment.


Music is one of the most important part of the cinematic. Use a track that is 1:30-3:00 mins because, shorter one won't show whole map with its details and longer make players bored. For these works I like using trailer music. There is plenty of tracks on Youtube, if you want a few look at Johannes Bornlof songs.


The last phase is composing recorded shots. But before you'll deploy videos you should divide music for parts where you'll put your recorded shots. For example if track is about 120 secs you can do this with your song 0-9 9-18 18-26 26-34 34-42 42-49 49-56 56-63 63-70 70-76 76-82 82-88 88-93 93-98 98-103 103-108 108-113 113-118 so you must made more than 18 shots. After that, you'll cut interesting moments and put them in rhythm of music but remember the recorded shots you must accelerate 2 times so that the trailer must not lag so your shots must be more than 20 secs. More important and faster shots put at the end and slower ones put at the beginning of video to attract to further watching.
I hope I help you and you make any trailer with my guide. Leave a diamond and comment where you write what can I change in instruction.

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