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How to make a MineCraft Forum Signature using Photoshop CS5

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avatar Aeralisk
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
1a. Take a screenshot of your character and/or someone else's character that you want in your signature

1b. Enter your .minecraft folder to find the "screenshots" folder and find your screenshot. Drag it to the desktop.

2a. Open Photoshop CS5 and open the screenshot you placed on your desktop

2b. Using the crop tool, cut out the image you want in the screenshot.

3a. Create a new project in photoshop using PIXLES as a reference to the image size.

3b. Make the new project a good signature size. I used 425x175 for this tutorial

4a. Size and move the image to where you want it to be in your final project.

4b. Now, you can see that the crop tool missed some of the backround around my image. This is where you can use the eraser tool to finished up the job.

5a. Now, you can create a backround how ever you want, but I do a specialized method in my signature.

5b. To use my method, all I really did was add a Fractal background image to the gray background, set as an overlay, and then cut the image to make it look like my image is "popping out" of the picture.

6a. Now this is where you can get extremely creative. Once you have the backround the way you want and the image sized and cropped, you can begin adding brushes and glow effects with text.

6b. (NOTE) When using brushes and glows, it is a good idea to use colors either from the image, or the background. You can see that the "spell" effect that I have on my image's hand is a variation of purple from the upper right corner. Also, the blue skull behind my image is a lighter variation of blue from the left of the background. Using like colors in the overall project will make the finished signature look together and balanced.

7a. Once you have your brushes in, and you are happy with out the signature looks, you can add text and personalize the project.

7b. (NOTE) It is important to use a font that will follow the theme of your project. In this project, I use a font called "Face your Fears" which will compliment the Necro and Dark coloring of the project.

In the end, you will get something that can look like this.

Once you have the basics down, like this example, you can add more style and personalization to the project. For example, you can embed and emboss the text to give it a 3D look to it, or use more brushes and backgrounds to give the project more depth.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

If you liked the tutorial, or have questions, leave a comment!

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07/12/2012 9:44 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Pegasus
I adore the idea that you think the general public has access to CS5.
And the extraordinary amount of skill you put into creating that signature makes me doubt that you ever payed for it.
Hint: If you want a tutorial to actually help people than create it for software that is available for people that dont want to pay 900$ or more for Photoshop. Gimp for example is free and capable of performing the needed tasks in this tutorial.
07/13/2012 2:43 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
I know that the general public doesn't have access to CS5, but I wanted to participate in the tutorial contest. So I did a tutorial on one of the things I know best and put a Minecraft spin on it. I fully understand your comment and I know exactly what you mean, but my intentions were in a different place.
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