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How To Make A Minecraft Mod #1(Setting Everything Up) 1.6.4 (Windows 7)

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TechGuy473 avatar TechGuy473
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Hello Tech Guy123 here! and today i will tell you about how to make a Minecraft mod. today we will be setting everything up

warning: use this tutorial at your own risk i'm not responsible if your computer explodes or acts all weird because were going to do some intense stuff

1. create a new folder and name it whatever you want this is your modings folder.

2. download Minecraft forge src(source) to do so go to http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,14059.0.html click on download on the source.

3. go in the zip and drag the forge folder into your modings folder

4. install the latest Java JDK

5. go to start type cmd then hit enter. Type javac it should say error or unknown command that's because we haven't set our path our path is how our coding program get's to java and how forge gets to java.

6. go to start right click computer then click properties on the left click Advanced System Settings go to the advanced tab and click environment variables.

7. DON"T MESS THIS UP! Scroll down until you see Path not PATHEXP double click it and don't erase ANYTHING just click any where then use your arrow keys to get to the front then minimize

8. go to computer then into the C: drive then go into program files then into Java then jdk then into bin

9. You should be at Computer/Local Disk(C:)/Program Files/Java/jdk/bin click where it says that. it should kinda appear like this
C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_25bin or something like that copy it

10. go back to your path then type a Semi-Colom(this ----> ; then paste then click o.k on everything

11. close out of everything except this.

12. download eclipse this is our coding program go to http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ then get elipse IDE for Java EE Developers make sure it's right for your system chose 32-bit or 64-bit warning: big download

13. drag the eclipse folder in the zip to your desktop don't open it

14. go to your modings folder then into forge and double click install. warning: this will take like 30 min. depending on your computer speed and don't X out at all

15. when it's done it should say "Minecraft forge setup finished click any key to continue"

16. press any key

Now your mod is set up if I had any typos i'm very sorry

if you had any errors PM me and i will try to help you

remember to leave a diamond

next tutorial we will code

remember don't launch eclipse
Creditminecraft forge. MCP. Java, eclipse

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08/10/2014 10:09 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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Where is number 2?
08/12/2014 2:40 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Nerd
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02/27/2015 1:39 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
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LOL! Nine Tut, Thx very much.
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