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How to make a Minecraft server

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We have all wanted at some point to create a Minecraft server to play with our friends, you can make a public server on the internet or on our home network (more secure and you can avoid intrusions from unwanted players). Today I will explain how to do it on our network, using VPN from games like Radmin VPN or Hamachi, in my case Radmin VPN .

Lets start!

First step: Essential to play on a local network (LAN) with our friends each at home. Go to the official radmin website and download the program. When installing the application, follow the steps to install, if you receive a warning like in Windows: "Do you want to search for computers, devices and content on this network and automatically connect to devices such as printers, televisions ...?" I recommend that you accept to avoid possible errors when playing. Once installed, when you open a window, it will attract your attention, it is the program itself, with 3 menus: System, Network, Help.

Below, a circle that indicates if it is on, in blue or if it is off in red, and next to is the name that will appear on the network so that other friends know who you are; the lan IP, required to join the Minecraft server; and the status of the program (online or offline) If you click on the System menu, you will see: To change the public name; program settings (I don't recommend touching them unless you know what you do); language; and EXIT, to close the program completely. Then there is the Network menu, which is what I will explain to create our server, and HELP, if you need to contact support or consult the forum, but it is not relevant now.

- To create a network go to the menu NETWORK> Create new network You put the name (it cannot be modified later) and the password, and put it again in the last box - To join a network that a friend has already created in radmin, go to the Network menu> Join an existing network. Here you can do two things, join a private network of your friend or go to the Games network tab and search for MINECRAFT and join, it is a public network where you are free to enter other people's lan games, but beware, it is possible that while you are on that public network, if you open a lan, people can also enter. To invite your friends to join, they will need the exact name of your created network and the password.

Second step : it's time to start creating Minecraft server. You will need the .jar file from Minecraft server first, you can get the different versions on the web mcversions .
Simplemente desplácese por la página para encontrar la versión o use el cuadro de filtro y búsquela.

In the first column in green, stable versions find the version you want on your server, and click the "Server Jar" button to download the server.jar file, if you want to create several servers I recommend that you rename it when you have finished downloading it. To avoid confusion with another you want to download (for example: ServerVanilla-v1_x_x.jar)
  1. Once you have downloaded it, create a folder to put the server and put it inside ServerVanilla-v1_x_x.jar (or whatever name you give it) and run the .jar file
  2. Moments later, 3 more files will appear: folder Logs, eula.txt and server.properties.
    Open Eula.txt , change " eula = false" a " true" save y close the file.
  3. Run the .jar file again.It may take a while, but a server console will open and start downloading the necessary files. If you think it does not open, try again. Wait for the console to display something like: "Done (41.097s)! For help, type "help" . you can proceed to close the server, either by typing in the console "stop" or closing by clicking on the X.
  4. If you want a new world skip this step, BUT if you want a world already created:Add your world to the server folder and change in server.properities level-name = world for the name of your world
  5. . Configure the server, go to Server.properties .Here you can change what is necessary to play on LAN, IP, game mode, maximum players, the message that appears before entering ...For the latter I recommend this place, a generator to create things like the custom and colorful MOTD ...More info from server.properities: https://minecraft-es.gamepedia.com/Server.properties
    Open to see more.
    Take a look at some annotations (#) next to the settings

    force-gamemode=false      #Force a game mode and avoid going to other modes
    allow-nether=true        #True to Allow to enter to the nether dimension
    enforce-whitelist=false      #Only your ip / authorized users can enter
    gamemode=survival        #gamemode Survival, creative, spectator
    broadcast-console-to-ops=true    #OPs can see the commands executed by other OPs or command blocks
    difficulty=easy           #Easy, normal, hard
    spawn-monsters=true        #False to prevent the game from creating monsters by itself
    pvp=true             #true to allow fight between players and false to avoid it.
    hardcore=false          #hardcore mode
    enable-command-block=false    #I recommend enable if you will use command block in creative mode
    max-players=20          # max players= 20 or less its okay, more will cause lag
    server-port=25565      # I recommend do not touch
    server-ip=          #IMPORTANT : Here you must put your Radmin IP and provide that ip to your friends
    allow-flight=false    #I recommend True to use the flight with Elytra
    level-name=world   # If you want to put a world already created, you must change world to the name of your world
    view-distance=10     #between 8-12 is recommended for medium performance pc
    white-list=false      #Enable white list
    generate-structures=true    #generate structures such as dungeons, villages, temples ...
    max-build-height=256     #256 build limit by default
    online-mode=true        #True, only premium players, False, to all players
    level-seed=        #Write the seed for when you generate a new world with those characteristics
    use-native-transport=true      #Mobs can be climbed into wagons and boats
    prevent-proxy-connections=false    #Avoid VPN player connections, I recommend leaving it that way
    motd=A Minecraft Server    #Change it to your liking

  6. Once this is configured, we can open the server and test. Open the .jar file and wait for it to fully load, usually it is less than 1 minute,   or more depending on the map and your PC performance. Open minecraft, go to multiplayer, add server, put the name to recognize it   and in the ip put your ip radmin, remember to have it turned on to join you and your friends (for example 26.XX.XXX.XXX:25565)

The last step: The most important. Easy! Time to play!

If any of the links stop working contact me and I will fix it.


This is my first tutorial, I hope it is clear and does not have many errors in the explanation = D

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Papa Enny
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Also be aware that own servers can generate costs
So it's a bit better to use a page(even pay the monthly thing)
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