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How to Make A Modern Exterior

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Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Yay! Part 2 of my series on modern building! Note: By exterior I really just mean walls as I got too lazy to make roofs. Part 3 however will first go over roofs, then how to plan a structure, then putting Parts 1, 2, and 3 together into 1 nice little build.

ALRIGHT! Let's get started.
*Loading Colors and Shiny Stuff* Alright, first read this:
If you believe you can make a modern interior already, just go through the first part of the actual tutorial, then you'll understand procedure.

So What is An Exterior?
From: Dictionary.Com: outer; being on the outer side:
the exterior surface; exterior decorations.

Alright! So any basic guidelines?

Of course there are! (Not in any specific hierarchy)

Rule #1) NEVER make cube builds. (You might be thinking: What a hypocrite, he made a cube build in his last tutorial) Technically, no. I didn't as that was not a finished build, just an example.

Rule #2) Use your blocks correctly and wisely. This will be explained later on.

Rule #3) Lots and LOTS of 3D Detail is good. This will also be explained later on.

So, Let's Get Started!

(Alright, go to this link, http://bobsbuilds.imgur.com/, and navigate to: Bob's Tutorial on Dynamic Exteriors, and follow along.)

Step 1: The basics of the walls

Alright, let's look back at our double wall from last time shall we? (Fig. 1) Interior-wise, looks great. Not too much contrast between the colors, correct usage of blocks (explained later), and just looks great.

Now, exterior wise, it is a different story. It is just 1 block, there is incorrect usage of blocks, and it just looks plain boring.

Now, let's look at a wall with 3D detail (Fig. 2) I shall explain 3D detail later on, but just look at this wall and compare it with the other wall. This one looks much nicer does it not?

Step 2: The basics of 3D Detail

Alright, time to explain 3D detail. If you look at this wall (Fig. 3) you can see that I removed the middle blocks, allowing you to see the wall behind the 2 pillars. This allows you to see that the pillars are popping out towards you, like in 3D!

Let's look at a better example of 3D detail (Fig. 4). If you look at the wall, slabs have been placed in certain areas so the block behind it can still be seen, so you can see that it is 3D. Also, stairs give can give depth to the wall, which looks great!

Step 2.5: Small bits and pieces you can use to make 3D Detail

Just look at (Fig. 5)

Step 3: Correct use of blocks.

By correct use of blocks, I mean if the block is placed in a logical area. If you look at this picture (Fig. 6) You can see something very memorable. Maybe your first wooden cabin you have ever made! But, without knowing it, this is correct usage of blocks! As you can see on the walls, the logs look great as vertical pillars, while the wooden planks are just there to fill it in, but the wall still has nice colors to it. Now look back at (Fig. 1), and you can see the bricks, or in The Modern Pack, raw wood. This still counts as a filler block, so it looks boring and flat.

So, let's see a wall which has nice materials, but messy usage of blocks (Fig. 7) As you can see, the planks are being used as a lining, the pillars are being used as corner blocks, and the slabs are being used as the filler! Try to imagine how it should look like before moving onto (Fig. 8)

Ahh, much better the slabs are the lining, the pillars are the pillars, and the filling is the filling. Looks a-lot better than (Fig. 7) don't you think?

Step 4: Troubleshooting

I am going to go over 1 basic problem some of my friends have had with the double walls and 3D detail. They have no problem with the Usage of Blocks, but they are having some problems with the double walls. If you look at (Fig. 9) you can see a pantry built into the double walls, but if you look closely, you see a space. That is from the 3D detail, as it is also built into the double wall. So 3 solutions:

1) Move everything in towards the interior 1 block. (Not recommended)
2) Move keep the exterior wall flat, and make the 3D detail stick out of that. (Not Recommended)
3) Add another wall and carve the 3D detail into that wall. (Recommended) (Some people think it is the same as the 2nd method, I don't think so.)

Try the first 2 options, you might not like what you see (I know I didn't.)
After trying them, look at (Fig. 10) in which there are 3 layers in the wall. I love this way because it allows the background of the 3D detail to be different than the interior wall.

Step 5: Experimenting and Some Ideas.

Just keep on experimenting with different blocks and pieces to make a nice wall! From here on we have 6 walls in Modern Pack, 1 wall in Default and 1 wall in Doku Craft.


Sonic ether for making the shaders used in some of the photos: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/940974-125sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-glsl-shaders-dynamic-shadows-more/

Giltwist of The Voxel Box for making the main texture pack:

Hienkyakux for remaking dokucraft, used for examples: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/dokucraft-the-saga-continues-official-19-pr4-ready-32x32/

Extra Goodies:

Alright, I told a guy in the last tutorial that I would make a tutorial on how to make a medieval house. Well, I just remembered, so I made a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a small medieval house my way, and if you look at the end, there is a sneak-peak on an upcoming project.

Step 1: Take 8 wooden logs, and make 4 diagonals with them, each 3 blocks away from each-other. (Fig. 2.1)

Step 2: Make each log 3 blocks higher. (Fig. 2.2)

Step 3: Connect each pillar with eachother.

Step 4: Copy this design and use it for all 4 walls. (Fig. 2.3)

Step 5: Make a connecter for each of the corners. (Fig. 2.4) Now pull those up to 4 blocks, make a frame, and fill with wool and glass.

Step 6: Now, make a roof frame for each of the 4 sides. (The frame is sticking out) (Fig. 2.5)

Step 7: Now, put a wooden stair on each of the logs, and a slab on the top log. (Fig. 26)

Step 8: Now mark each stair with a number. The ones at the bottom are 1, the ones on top of that are 2, etc. Now, do some simple math! It is simply x (the number of the stair)-1. And that number is how much the stairs go in (Not the slabs.) (Fig. 2.7)

Step 9: Now fill in those spaces with a plank, and put connect the slabs. (Fig. 2.8)

Step 9.5: Also fill in those holes. (Fig. 2.9)

Step 10: Now, do the same calculations, except make it +1, and make it come out of the building for each section of the roof. Also, make the slabs go until the end of the stairs, and put a plank at the end. (Fig. 2.10)
You should get something like (Fig. 2.11) when you've finished the roof.

Step 11: Now, the final part. Fill the space of the roof frame with wool, and have a glowstone block in the middle with a trapdoor covering it. (Fig. 2.12) This allows for a really cool light effect at night.

(Fig. 2.13) Shows the house finished!

(Fig. 2.14) Shows the house at night! If you look closely, you can see light coming out of the roof in each section! Pretty cool huh?

(Fig. 2.15) Is a screenshot of a WIP. I'll leave you guys to guess what it is.

Please give a diamond, subscribe, and comment if you liked the build! Part 3 coming out tomorrow or the day after.

09/04/2012 10:59 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Tip: When making tutorials on building/architecture try to use either the default texture pack or something like it. I know The Voxelbox textures are amazing but they are ONLY used for building/architecture and for people who want to build awesome structures on SMP or on SSP they will not be using the Voxel textures. So just keep that in mind. :) Great tutorial btw.
06/06/2012 6:21 am
Level 43 : Master Nerd
Nice blog again. :P
Prepare to be famous...i just noticed Cyprezz subscribed to you,lol.

Anyway,i wouldn't call this very modern actually.It's more like a nordic/medieval style based build.
06/06/2012 3:56 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Architect
agreed, this is not very modern
06/05/2012 8:08 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
O.O Top reel again! Thanks guys!
06/05/2012 1:05 pm
Level 25 : Expert Nerd
Awesome! Sub! :D Plus diamond and fav
06/05/2012 1:03 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Magical Girl
I like your tutorials.
Some photo on each steps may make it even better.
06/05/2012 2:12 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Dolphin
the skinner
It is photos right here. The link to these photos are in the first tutorial.
06/05/2012 12:57 pm
Level 28 : Expert Ninja
Great! Congrats on making it to the front page!

Edit: Goodbye, Cyprezz subbed to you, now you are popular.

P.S. Hi Zaphod xD
06/05/2012 8:09 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
xD I was really surprised when Cyprezz subbed to me and ZaphodX liked my blogs :P
06/06/2012 3:15 am
Level 28 : Expert Ninja
Lol, a moderator on a site liking your blogs is way more common, than owner subbing so wow.
06/05/2012 11:27 am
Level 40 : Master Network
Great series of blogs.
06/05/2012 8:09 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
o.o Coming from you, that means alot. Thanks!
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