How to Make: A Portal


The Portal

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Level 49 : Master Nether Knight
Hello, sonix7446 here. And today, I'm gonna show you how to make a Portal in Minecraft!

You Need: 14 Obsidian Blocks, Flint and Steel

So first, you break 4 pieces of the ground in a straight line. Then you fill it up with obsidian. On both sides, stack up four blocks of obsidian again in a straight line. Then do the same thing you did on the bottom, but build it on the top of your portal. Then jump off IF YOU BUILT THE PORTAL FROM THE TOP. Then you get out your flint and steel and light up the portal on the top of the obsidian in the ground. Then you should see a purple object come up with purple particles coming out of it. That is the Portal. Then you walk into the Portal. Then it should bring you into the N*****. In the comments, write down what a Portal brings you to.

Answer: Nether

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