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How to make a portal to paradise in Minecraft?

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It should be noted right away that in Minecraft there is no official concept of "Paradise". However, by installing the "Aether" mod, you can still get it. This mod is available for version 1.5.2.

Edge or Paradise?

"Aether" is translated as "ether", referring to the transparent, clean, and light air used, according to ancient Greek mythology, by the gods of Olympus. In simpler terms, it means a territory hovering in the air. By the way, even the main guides on the game do not contain the concept of "Paradise", there is only "Edge", which is an empty and barren space, consisting of a large flat island in the diameter of which blocks in the amount of 150-250 pieces are used and floating in the air above game voids.

For the most part, the Edge consists of a very unique stone of the same name - the Edge, found only here. The dimension is inhabited by Ender Wanderers, who rarely spawn in the normal world, as well as the Ender Dragon - Mob-Boss. If you need to be in the End, you will need an End Portal, which is different from the Paradise Portal.

Thus, the analogue of Paradise is the Edge, which can only be obtained by installing the mod.

How to build a portal to Paradise

The organization of the portal to Paradise is identical to the entrance to Hell, with the only difference that to obtain the gate leading to the Lower World, flint and obsidian were required, then to create such a structure in the Heavenly World, water will be needed, as well as a glowing stone. The latter is the basis for the device of the portal leading to Paradise, but it is difficult to get it: you need to visit Hell, imprint a deposit of light stones there (as a rule, they are located on the slopes or the ceiling) and, using fireballs, knock it down.

If there is light dust in the arsenal, then building blocks can be made by placing light dust on the workbench, in its 4 lower left cells, and then clicking on the arrow located on the right. You will need 12 such glowing blocks. Having made them and extracted the water, everything will be ready for the beginning of the installation of the portal to Paradise:

  • put four glowing stones in one row
  • add three more stones to the blocks along the edges, until we get the pillars;
  • we place two stones on top, thus connecting the vertical part of the structure;
  • we put water inside the structure and watch how the stone begins to transform into a portal.
As soon as the water surface begins to appear in the stone gate, you need to enter there and the transfer to Paradise will take place.

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Level 30 : Artisan Sus
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Step one: Build a glowstone thingy
Step two: Put a water bucket on the thing
Step three: Get dissapointed and confused for the rest of your little, stupid meamingless life
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