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How to make a prison server (1.7.2) or above

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This is a helpful blog on how to get a good prison server! Here are the steps:

Step 1) Build your prison! Do not copy another prison server! Look at a few famous prison servers for some inspiration but do not directly copy nor create a similar prison to the other servers you have went on! If you copy a prison server you will get hate from players and the other server(s)!

Step 2) Make a good ranks! A popular prison rank system that would be good to use without copyright issues would be ranks E-A and a few prestige ranks! Do not name your staffs ranks admin! For admin use something like Warden! Remember to always have a guard rank with special guard permissions and rules!

Step 3) Build stuff for your ranks! Make mines and mob farms! Also make special events!

Step 4) Get the best Plugins for prison servers! Here is a list of great ones:
  • Mine reset light (for resettable mines)
  • Vault
  • Iconomy
  • chest shop
  • paidranks
  • BuyRegion
  • chest keeper (for digital chests on signs)
  • World guard
  • World Edit
  • Group manager or PermissionsEX (preferable PEX, since group manager has data loss crashes sometimes)
  • Essentials (Essentials is essential for EVERYTHING you find on a server!)
  • Votifier
  • BuyRegion
  • ChestShop (for player owned shops)
  • TreeAssist (Only use the replant sapling park, disable Timber)
  • SuperWheat (For auto crop replant)
  • Server signs
  • Any other plugin that would fit in with a prison server that would make your unique

Step 5)Hire a good staff! Only higher people you know well and trust!

Step 6) Set up a PayPal! People will not know where to donate unless you tell them, or you've had it from the start

step 7) Before You create a planet minecraft page make sure to take alot of photos of your prison!

Step 8) Make a nice looking PMC page

Step 9) Post your server on ALL the server websites you can find

Step 10) Done! You prison server is official! Now all you need is a usual player base!

Step 11) And rember! Be careful on hiring staff!
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