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How to make a Realistic Fireplace with Redstone!

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Mummyfied88888 avatar Mummyfied88888
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you a design I came up with recently!
I got thinking about making an oldern style, realistic Fire-Place.
You know, one that runs on fuel (in my case, Coal) and that stops when
the fuel runs out.

So I got designing, and here it is. The Realise Fire-Place.

So everything you'll need in total is:

16 Redstone
9 Redstone Repeaters
1 Redstone Comparator
4 Dispensers
1 Hopper
1 Redstone Torch
4 Glowstone (for this design)
13 Building Blocks of your choice
2 Netherrack
1 Lever
2 Chests
1 Sticky Piston
Fire Charges (preferably a stack for each Dispenser)
Two Buckets of Water
However many blocks for aesthetics you want
However much Coal you want. The more the better

Here are the steps for building:

1) Place two Dispensers on your floor (not in the floor).

2) Place two blocks on top of the Dispensers in the floor, then place two Dispensers on top of those blocks.

3) Go round the back of the system and place two Redstone Repeaters facing into the bottom two Dispensers.

4) Place Redstone behnid the two Redstone Repeaters and then place two Redstone around the side of the Redstone Repeater on the left.

5) Dig one block down next to the Redstone on the direct left of the
Redstone Repeater and place one Redstone in it, then one Redstone on the block
in front of the dug out block.

6) Dig one block down on the left of the block you previously dug out and place
a Redstone Torch on the side of the block so the Redstone can power it.

7) Place a Redstone Comparator leading into the Redstone 2 out from the left
Dispenser (right if you are looking the way I am) and right click it.

8) Behind the Redstone Comparator place a Chest, then dig down 2 under that
Chest. On the floor level of the 2 blocks you have just dug down, place another
Chest, then hold shift and place a Hopper on top of that Chest.

9) Now, place Glowstone in a pattern like this. First though, break the blocks
in front of the Redstone torch and to the left of that block.

10) Now place Redstone on each Glowstone block like this.

11) Now place two blocks next to the Glowstone like this, then a Sticky Piston
next to the blocks.

12) Now put Redstone on the first block and a Redstone Repeater leading into
the Sticky Piston.

13) After the Sticky Piston, place a block, then make a 2x2 square next to the
two top Dispensers like this.

14) Now place two Redstone Repeaters leading into the Dispernsers and one
Redstone Repeater leading out of the Sticky Piston, then in the two spaces
place two Redstone.

15) Place 5 blocks in this shape, the first block comes from the side of the
Sticky Piston, and the last block leads into the first piece of Redstone.

16) Place 3 Redstone Repeaters in this fashion, the first leading from the
Sticky Piston, the last leading into the first piece of Redstone. Set them all
to 4 ticks.

17) In the gaps, place 2 pieces of Redstone.

18) Place a block on top of the Sticky Piston like so.

19) Next to the Chest, place a Lever and turn it on.

20) Fill the top Chest with as much Coal as you can.

21) As you can see, with the Lever activated, the Hopper does not transport
any items through it.

22) Now fill the two bottom Dispensers with Fire Charges.

23) Put a Water Bucket in each of the top Dispensers.

24) In front of the two bottom Dispensers, dig out one blog deep in the floor
and place two Netherrack in the gap.

25) Now place your aesthetics into the area you want your Fire-Place. You'll
notice I use Iron Bars to add some nice looks to the Fire-Place. Make sure you
place blocks to stop the Water from escaping and breaking the Redstone.

26) You can also replace the two back blocks of the Fire-Place with any block
you want, it won't affect the Redstone.

27) If you break the Comparator and place it again (after removing the Lever)
the bottom Dispensers will activate and light the Netherrack after it shoots
out the Fire Charges.

28) When the top Chest starts loosing more Coal, the current will dwindle
and the Redstone Torch wil activate the Monostable Circuit (the Sticky Piston is
used for this) to activate the Water Dispensers and unlight the Fire.


Thanks for reading this Tutorial!

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08/18/2013 12:42 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Pirate
joehot200 avatar
I was going to make some rude sarcastic comment.. but actually, this is quite nice! :)
08/18/2013 1:04 pm
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Mummyfied88888 avatar
Thanks! Be sure to check out my Invisible Pressure Plate!
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