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How to make a simple mod!

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This blog will describe how to install all of the programs you need to make a great mod!!

Firstly, You need to download mcp and java jdk (development kit) and eclipse.
java= http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
mcp= http://mcp.ocean-labs.de/index.php/MCP_Releases#Releases
eclipse= http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-java-ee-developers/indigosr2

2. install java jdk by clicking on it then following clicking continue and saving where you want it to go. It will then load and close you don't have to do anything with it.

3. Set the path for java JDK. goto my computer in the start bar. then goto system properties. Then advanced system settings. Click environment variables. Under system variables scroll down and find a variable called path. Select path then click edit. DO NOT delete any of the writing in code but instead add this to the end: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_03bin;
close this window and it should be running fine.

4. With mcp, you will need to unzip it then make a new folder on desktop call it mcp(or whatever). Once inside look through the files and click on all .bat files that say "Update" in them. It will then update this might take a while depending on your connection.

5. You will need some knowledge of how to install a mod this is a very easy task. A quick youtube video will show you in no time at all. Install mod loader to ovoid later collisions with mods.

6. Go to your computer program files (%appdata%) and copy both binfolder. Open up mcp and paste them into the folder named jars.

7. Click on the decompile .bat in the main folder of mcp. This might take a while. Now all of the jar files should be in our language not computer language!

to continue learning to make mods goto this link (unavailable)
Creditlaws23198, lol

03/04/2013 11:09 pm
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Theres no link at the bottom...
07/21/2012 10:21 am
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I Cant Find and no work!

05/31/2012 10:56 pm
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dot dot dot I have no skillz so bye
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