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How To make A Terraria Banner For your Profile

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avatar Iceboi
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Note: This can be created using Paint.net, but I think it's possible with Photoshop

Requirements: All of the terraria's sprites and backgrounds (Download for all backgrounds) (You can simply ignore the sprites for later), Paint.net (or Photoshop), And Finally The Terraria Custom Logo Generator, it is optional if you want it.

Step 1:
First, create a new Blank Picture that is 420 x 88 in size.

Step 2:
Make sure to open up the backgrounds of your choice. For Example: Background_50, Background_51, and Background_52 makes up a forest.

Step 3:
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V the background to your canvas, make sure you created layers underneath the original background

Step 4:
For The Farther Background of your, Jungle Background, there is this empty spot at the very back of your trees or rock formations. I'd Recommend using Background_114, or any background that appears in the very background of those forests if you ever played terraria.

Step 5:
Now, if they're still is an empty spot in your canvas open up Background_0 and just stretch it horizontally, but make sure you moved it vertically. If you want to have your background night time, just grab a paint bucket and click on the last layer you have.

Step 6:
Then Ctrl+Shift+F to flatten your picture and then save and exit.

12/04/2020 2:37 pm
Level 40 : Master Lego Builder
I use PNG images of Terraria models, then I use those images on Google Slides.
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