How to make a Working Tank (moving, turning, shooting) - Part 1: Building Part

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avatar DragonMania17
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Finally, I succeeded in making a tutorial to create your own working tank.

The goal of this tutorial made of 3 parts is to explain how to create your own working tank for Minecraft 1.12.12!

At the end, the tank will be able to move, turn and shoot.

In this first part, we will focus on the building part.


This technology is pretty hazardous so I highly recommend you to back-up your world or create a new one before beginning.

We will need to write some coordinates. To do it, open a Word page (or similar software) and copy these lines:

XA YA ZA: redstone block when you turn left

XB YA ZA: redstone block when you turn right

X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2: size of the complete tank (the X1 Y1 Z1 are the smallest and the X2 Y2 Z2 are the biggest).

W/ H/ L/: width, height and length.

X3 Y3 Z3: lever move forward

X4 Y4 Z3: lever mover backward

X5 Y5 Z3: button turn left

X6 Y6 Z3: button turn right

X7 Y7 Z3: button shoot

X8 Y8 Z4: Tanktp1 first way

X9 Y8 Z4: Tanktp1 second way

X10 Y9 Z5: canon mouth

We will replace these theoretical coordinates by the real one all along the video.

Everything, is explained in the video above.

Thank you for reading!

Check the next article/video, if you want to continue.

08/29/2019 11:19 am
Level 40 : Master Birb
Lmao this amazing tutorial gets 0 diamonds yet a tutorial that shows you how to do a simple thing of uploading a map on pmc gets 8? Dang. Anyways.. good tut bro.
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