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How to make an amazing theme park on minecraft

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This is a tutorial that I am so passionate about. there are so many amazing theme park servers to choose from. 2 of the most famous are mcparks and craftventure. These 2 servers have gained popularity from 2 main themes: Scenery and roller coasters. In this blog, I am going to teach you how to perfect these 2 themes.

Theme 1: Scenery

Scenery is a huge part of both real life and minecraft theme parks. If you were choosing a theme, you are best to make the main area have a rustic feel to it. Depending on the type of theme park, depends on the theme. With Craftventure they have decided to use a rustic fantasy theme. This can be seen as large dark wooden buildings with cobblestone placed ever so carefully to gain the full rustic feel.

The trees and rivers also give the place a fantasy feel to it. Craftventure is one of the best theme parks I have seen for the scenery. If you would like to see live examples for the scenery, type in 'Craftventure minecraft' on Google, and then go on the planet minecraft site.

Theme 2: Roller Coasters

The main part of a theme park are roller coasters. You can get plugins which allow you to have invisible tracks and suspended carts. These can only be used on multi player servers, not single player mode. Both McParks and CraftVenture have custom made plugins to allow them to make amazing rides.

If you don't want plugins, or you don't know how to make custom plugins, then you can always do it the normal way. The main layout of good roller coaster is; Up high, down low, up a bit, down a bit. I should look a little bit like this from the side /I_/__/. It should carry on, with the /'s going smaller and smaller.

Another key point of the roller coaster is the station / queue line. If you make the queue line be too short, then people could miss out on a story of the ride. However, if it is too long, the guests would give up walking any more. It is ideal to make 2 lines: 1 slightly longer than the other. The shorter line could be called the FastPass line, which means that people don't get the story as much, but do get on the ride quicker.

When I refer to the Story, I mean the background of the ride. For Example; Pirates of the Caribbean at WDW takes you through an underground prison which has a river, you hop on the boat and try to escape the river. That story is really good as the lighting is very dark, making it look like a real, old fashioned prison.

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Wow! This is appealing to the eye!
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This is great!
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