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How to make an automatic basement/underground door

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avatar UchihaRakudo
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
To make this door, you need to follow the rules because sometimes a little mistake in making this door will malfunction all the parts of the door.Watch the video to see it clearly.

1.Get redstone,redstone torch,repeater,sticky piston,pressure plate and the block you want to make as a door(If you want your door camouflaged, use the block that is adapted in the terrain.)

2.Make a 7x6 hole.

3.Put pistons on the third row of the 7x6 hole but don't put piston on the last.

4.Put blocks on the 2nd row of the 7x6 hole but don't put block on the last.

5.Dig a 6x1 hole on the 5th row of the 7x6 hole.(if you dont understand follow the picture)

6.Put redstone torches on the 4th row of the 7x6 hole

5.Put repeaters on the 5th hole of the row.(follow the picture)

6.Change the repeaters options to the longest.(follow the picture)

7.Dig a hole on the 6th row of the 7x6 hole.(follow the picture)

8.Put redstones on the unoccupied holes(follow the picture)

9.Put a pressure plate on the entrance(follow the picture)

10.. make a tunnel that fits your character to prevent suffocation.(follow the picture)

11. go inside and put any lights.

12. Make a hole to the circuitry system.(follow picture)

13. occupy it with redstone.(follow the picture)

14. go back to the tunnel and cover the hole.(follow the picture)

15.Put a mark on where you will put the pressure plate.(follow picture)

16.Put the pressure plate on mark.

17. step on it and go outside

18. cover the circuitry using any block(If you want it camouflaged use the block that can adapt in the terrain)

19. continue digging tunnel and your automatic basement door is finished.

THANKS FOR READING. HOPE I HELPED YOU.The picture are not out yet. you can use the video.

01/31/2014 11:16 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Please comment if something if went wrong or if you want to suggest something. :D
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