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How to make an old Beta 1.7.3 server - Minecraft

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Hey guys, I did a tutorial a while back on how to make an old beta 1.7.3 server.. This is for old minecraft, released in 2011. This will be unstable, which is why I made a tutorial. I also released the files in the description! Hope you enjoy :)

Written Tutorial:

1. Download the files linked in the description.

2. Put the craftbukkit jar into a new folder from your desktop.

3. Make a new text document inside of the folder containing the craftbukkit file and input

java -jar craftbukkit.jar

4. Make sure the jar file is named exactly "craftbukkit" otherwise it won't be able to locate it.

5. When the server loads stop the server using "stop" in console.. Open server.properties in your preferred text editor. Find


and change it to


6. You can load plugins into the plugins folder (also provided)

Everything should be working! Check out the video for more information on how to port forward!

Check out my newest videos for my old beta 1.7.3 servers! Factions/Towny!

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