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How to Make Classic Literature Characters with New Minecraft Character Creator

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If you love literature, you have definitely wondered which character of them all you would like to be. For example, when writing an essay about Othello, haven’t you wondered what would you do if you were him? Well, nobody says that you should replicate the fate of this notorious character, but you now have the possibility to at least play your favorite game in the role of the literary character that you like the most. That’s right! Minecraft has launched a new character creator, and this article has been written just for you if you want to learn how to use it and create your favorite literary character.\

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Get Your Platforms Ready

If you want to be able to create your favorite characters in Minecraft for free, make sure that the platform you are playing on supports that neoteric invention of coding engineers. This new feature is still tested in the beta regime and is already available for the Xbox One and Windows 10 users. The owners of the Android-based gadgets are also able to test it right now. However, it has been stated by the game developers that it will not take long before the iOS and Nintendo Switch users will be able to create their favorite literary characters right in Minecraft.

Nonetheless, you should pay attention to the fact that those are only the Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Earth versions that will feature this splendid addition. Still, if you play at least one of them, go on and check it out. It is just like checking free research papers examples on the Internet, it does not cost you anything but might eventually bring you a lot of joy and interesting insights. I have already tried the character creator, and it is simply awesome.

What’s Inside?

So, if you wonder what this new character creator is all about, you should know this: if it was a car and I was Xzibit, I would have not been able to pimp it more. Everything you need to know in order to create your character is, actually, how the character looks like. For example, if you decided to create Othello, you can find special info about him online, free to check essay examples. Othello essay examples can nowadays be found online without any need for visiting libraries.

Let’s cut to the chase. The new character creator offers the players more control levers over the look of their avatars. The latest beta version of the character creator lets the players tweak the shape of the avatar’s body, hairstyle and hair color, and skin tone. Players will also be able to alter the avatars’ eyes color. Also, there is a selection of more than one hundred free items to choose from to equip your character with. Furthermore, there would be a list of other items that the Minecraft team will develop for you to buy.

Is it a Good Option?

As a matter of fact, the customization option is a truly outstanding addition to what is being considered one of the most popular games in the world. Thus, Minecraft enters the family of customizable RPGs in which the players are in charge of what their avatars have to look like. Of course, Minecraft was known for its avatar skins and texture packs that were community-created. Nonetheless, their team of developers has come to the right conclusion but letting players customize their prototypes, as it shall lure more customers and will expand the brand exposure.


If you want to create your favorite literary character in Minecraft, everything you have to do is to enter the new Minecraft character creator, select the avatar, or use the already existing ones, and simply adjust it using the options available. There is no task easier and there is no way more exquisite to play your favorite game while roaming the maps as Othello, Robinson Crusoe, or even Cinderella.

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