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How to make Friends in Minecraft with FriendsForMinecraft

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How do I make friends in Minecraft with FriendsForMinecraft?

This is by far the most frequent question I get....particularly from new users.... and it's one of the main reasons I created FriendsForMinecraft.

Here are the most common ways I've seen people make friends within FriendsForMinecraft:

  1. Post interesting pictures. From the FriendsForMinecraft client mod, you can capture interesting pictures which get automatically shared to the FriendsForMinecraft web client at http://ffmpic.com. You'll see many great photographers in FriendsForMinecraft (Intilink), and they have had no problems making friends.
  2. Comment on pictures. There are thousands of pictures that have been shared by other users which you can view in the FriendsForMinecraft web client at http://ffmpic.com. You'll see that there are some people who make good comments on other people's photos. These commenters make lots of friends because everyone likes to be complimented on their work. Try saying something more than just 'nice pic dude'...while that's nice, it's also nice to tell the user a bit more about their work... maybe ask a question... take your time to make good comments.
  3. Visit popular servers. Thousands of FriendsForMinecraft users have checked-in to thousands of Minecraft servers. The popular servers have lots of people. You can find and visit these servers in many different ways.

    1. From within the FriendsForMinecraft client mod, click on 'servers' and you'll see buttons that allows you to browse most popular servers. With a click of the button, you can visit these servers and you'll be sure to run into someone that is interested in a new friend.

    2. From the FriendsForMinecraft iOS or Android mobile client, you can click on the servers icon in the bottom navigation menu and see 'Top' Servers. If you are already logged into Minecraft on your computer, just click on the 'Take Me There!' button and you will be transported to that server.
    3. From the FriendsForMinecraft web client you can browse popular servers. Here you can browse images for that server, see how many people have checked-in to that server and see user comments. If you are already logged into Minecraft on your computer, just click on the 'Take Me There!' button and you will be transported to that server.

  4. Visit new servers. Of the thousands of servers you'll find listed in the various FriendsForMinecraft clients, many of these servers have been added by admin/owners who are looking for people to come join their server.... they LOVE having visitors....and many of them make great friends as they will take the time to answer your questions and help you learn more about Minecraft. And they LOVE showing you around their server. Don't forget to take a few pictures of anything you find interesting on their server....they love this too.
  5. Stay logged into FriendsForMinecraft. As you make friends, don't lose them! Friends are a precious thing. FriendsForMinecraft is kind of like Facebook for Minecraft and it works best when your activities are visible by your friends. Just by staying logged-in to FriendsForMinecraft, your friends will get a notification of when you post a new interesting image, comment on an image, vot on an image or server, check-in to a server, earn a new badge, etc. (If you don't want your friends knowing which servers you are logging into, then just switch to 'stealth mode' in the client mod settings menu.)
  6. Search for Friends. If you have met a Minecraft friend in either real life or within Minecraft, you can easily search for them in the FriendsForMinecraft client mod or the FriendsForMinecraft iOS/Android mobile app clients. When you find them, just click 'Follow'. If you don't find them, it means they have not created a FriendsForMinecraft account yet... so invite them!
  7. Invite a Friend. If you have a Minecraft friend who is not yet a FriendsForMinecraft member, then it's easy to invite them. They don't even need Minecraft. Just click the 'Invite' button in the FriendsForMinecraft client mod or the FriendsForMinecraft iOS/Android mobile app clients and enter your friend's email, a nice email invite will got out to them. If they don't have Minecraft, then they can't use the FriendsForMinecraft client mod, BUT THEY CAN use the FriendsForMinecraft iOS / Android mobile apps to create a FriendsForMinecraft account and use most all of the FriendsForMinecraft features.

Just like real life, you can't force people to be your friend. You don't want to appear pushy or desperate, no one wants a stalker in Minecraft or the real world.
However, everyone likes to have friends. It's just sometimes hard to find people that share common interests. That's why FriendsForMinecraft was made.

Have other ways of making friends in Minecraft? Share them here!

Ok... go make friends!


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