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How to: Make Friends on the Internet [Tutorial]


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Good evening men and women of the Minecraft types!

Today I would like to provide some sort of insight into how I go about making friends with others on the wonderful web of amazing things that is, the internet.

Step 1:

Meet people. Find people on the site or forum, that you'd like to get to know. Don't be dismayed if these people are high-ranking members of the community, they're only human, and compared to people such as Madona, or Billie Joe Armstrong, they are relatively unknown. Don't get in a mess thinking things like (I'm going to use Dinowcookie as an example, as I've chatted with her recently and feel that she's a good example) "Errmahhgerrddd, I'd really like to get to know Dinow, but she's so famous, and she'll never talk to someone like me!"
Step 2:

Be an interesting person. If you're just like all the other people, trying to meet their idol, then chances are they won't take much interest in you. Not because you're a lower-ranking member (or whatever the hierarchy is on the site/forum) but purely because they'll most likely be very busy with day-to-day things, let-alone duties on the site. Be someone that people want to talk to, have interesting conversation starters, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
Step 3:
Know when to approach/start a conversation. Most active members of any community will regularly check their PM's, or even better, be on the chat. This is an ideal time to make some conversation, as they'll generally be free to chat. If it does come down to it, you can PM them, however most people will get annoyed if they keep continuously been sent messages. Refer back to Step 2 if you're having trouble being heard in the chat room
Step 4:

If all goes well you'll be chatting in no-time. Just remember to keep being a nice person, be polite and have fun! Most people on the internet are just like you, trying to meet others, and they'll usually have no problem becoming friends with you!

Thanks for viewing, I thought I'd try something a bit different today, tell me what you think!


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