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How to make items have colored names

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Hi everyone! If you've played "Herobrine's Mansion" by Hypixel, you have probably seen that some items have colored names and descriptions. Here's how you can do it yourself!

Step 1: Download MCEdit for your computer type (Windows, Mac or Linux) and extract the zip file.

Step 2: Download SethBling's "ModifyItemStrings".

Step 3: Navigate to the MCEdit folder. Open the folder that has the same name as this folder, and place the modifyitemstrings.py file into the filters folder.

Step 4: Open MCEdit, click "Load World" and select your world of choice. (Alternative: click "Create World." Once the world is created, close MCEdit, open Minecraft, and place a chest in that world. Place the item you want to give a name and description into the chest. Then close Minecraft and open MCEdit.)

Step 5: Find a chest, select it, and click "Filter"

Step 6: Change the filter to "Modify Item Strings" and give your item a colored name and colored description.

Step 7: Save the world and close MCEdit. Open Minecraft and enjoy. You can use this tutorial to make your own Hypixel-related adventure maps!

(Image made with Mine-imator. Get it here)
CreditSethBling for making the filter.

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