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How to make Minecraft less laggy, without mods?

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Sibop avatar Sibop
Level 26 : Expert Cake
Hai guys, so today, I was thinking, how I could make Minecraft less laggy for me, because it lags like hell. I tried to use some guys mod, I dont remember his name but the mods name was " Minecraft RAM Adder" and didn't work for me, damnit. So now, i'll tell you how to do it manually, step by step.

1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Find the JAVA icon, and click on it.
3. Java Control Panel will open and you'll find 5 or more tabs, select Java tab.
4.- Push the "View..." button for Configure Java Runtime Environment.
5 .- Here is the trick, java uses only 256MB of memory for his own purposes, and Minecraft needs more than that.

See how much ram you have and increase java's memory usage as this:

People say that you can let java use the third of your total installed memory, for me its easy as I only have 8GB of installed RAM on my computer, so i'm gonna let java deal with 2048 mb of ram (2 Gig) how?

add this command in your Runtime Parameters on each entry that you have in this list.


as shown above no spaces with the minus symbol at the beginning and an "m" at the end.

in the above example, 2048 is the amount of memory that java will use, you can try 512 for small machines or 4096 for big ones.

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11/19/2012 5:55 pm
Level 45 : Master Giraffe
a blue car
a blue car avatar
No offence, but installing mods would be the more efficient way to go, even though it is a pain in the neck to download them.
09/24/2012 2:06 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
dinomad2012 avatar
thanks for the tip testing it out now to see if it works :D
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