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How to make repeating redstone signals automatically in 1.8+

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TwizZted_uP avatar TwizZted_uP
Level 40 : Master Cowboy
Just look at all the pictures and read each description :)

They are in Flows HD. The strings are redstone, the gray blocks are dispensers/droppers and the stick is a redstone torch! And that other block is a repeater!!!

PS The descriptions of each picture are located ON TOP of each corresponding picture!

Picture 1: Build a circuit like this (You can replace these droppers with whatever redstone device you want. Ex: lamps). Make sure to put the repeaters in opposite directions!

Picture 2: Remove the redstone torch

Pictures 3 and 4 (difficult step! Read carefully!): Remove one of the redstone dust thingies (doesn't matter which one) and replace it right after that. The more ticks you put on the redstone repeaters, the slower you have to place the redstone thingy again for the current to be interrupted

Picture 5: After you've done that, destroy one of the redstone dust thingies touching your droppers (or other redstone device like lamps!). Doesn't matter which one you destroy, even if there are 2 redstone devices that you want to have.

Picture 6: Because the "firing" sound is quite annoying when your volume is on, you're going to want to turn the system back off again at one point. To do this, simply place the redstone thingy back that you destroyed to start the firing.

Picture 7: Another way to end the firing is by destroying both redstone dust thingies touching your redstone devices.

Picture 8: Want to end the whole circuit? Or even restart it? Simply go back to the starting layout (Picure 1). If you want to restart the circuit, simply go back to picture 1 and start over!

That was it guys! I hope this helps and thanks for clicking on this. Also, title suggestions are always welcome, no idea what to put as an overall term for "rapid firing" redstone. Don't forget to comment, diamond, favorite and subscribe!

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11/22/2015 8:52 am
Level 43 : Master Architect
tobbestark avatar
Nice tutorial, dude! But it's easier to have a lever or even a button instead of a redstone torch in my opinion. That way you just have to flip it on and off to start the citcuit. But the torch works aswell
11/22/2015 11:08 am
Level 40 : Master Cowboy
TwizZted_uP avatar
I tried it before and it's actually really annoying to use it. It is after all supposed to be used in survival mode so if you destroy a torch it'll go in your inventory.
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