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How to make score boards in Minecraft

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avatar Nitgo
Level 18 : Journeyman Toast
have you ever entered a server and wondered how do they have the score board mechanic working for them? I sure did and i'll tell you how to make one for your own!

First: type the command
/scoreboard objective add [Code Name] [objective to complete or set to dummy] [display name]
the [code name] is the name that is displayed when using a command and the objective part is is either set to do something that will either increase or decrease you're points or set it to dummy that will change the number only if edited to and the [display name] is how you and other people will see it.

Then: now you want to know how to display the score if you don't want to display it don't do this step ,but if you do type:
/scoreboard objective setdisplay [which way it'll be displayed] [code name for score]

now the [which way it'll be displayed] part means how or who it'll be displayed for either the sidebar, below name, chosen team or the list, and then the [code name for score] is jest he score that will be displayed as in command mode.it will work only if you don't already have one displayed in the same way.

finally: now if you have done this either you will be weird-ed out by the idea that it hasn't been displayed yet, that's when giving your self some score is useful , and also for others if needed. type in the command:
/scoreboard players add [name of player or @a for all players] [code name for score] [number of score that will be added]

now you or the chosen player will have have the score displayed by the chosen way. the red is for the words that should be replaced and the blue is for the things that shouldn't be changed if not needed. thanks for reading me!

also this way made by: Nitgo

this is for 1.13

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