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How to make simple minecraft avatar art

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     Hello this is a blog on how to make minecraft avatar art. First you want to make sure you have the Minecraft Skin Viewer program. If you don't have it there will be a link at the bottom of this blog. Open up the program and at the bottom put in a user name or select a skin file (usernames have to be exact; Capitals). Then once you have a avatar make a pose and right click and click Save image as... Make sure the background of the avatar is transparent (checkered)

How to make simple minecraft avatar art

     Once you saved the image open up a painting program that takes transparency like Paint.Net then open up the image you saved. When you opened up the picture create a new layer and select the line tool and set the size to 3. Once you did that outline around the avatar in the new layer yourself.

How to make simple minecraft avatar art

Once your done outlining the avatar with the other named Background select the entire screen by pressing Ctrl+A then press Ctrl+C to copy the image then press Ctrl+N then click OK then once you have a new image press Ctrl+V to paste the image you copied. Then go back to the other image and delete the avatar that's on the Background layer

How to make simple minecraft avatar art

     Now lets start with the color. If you were starting with the head select the color of the head with the other image you made then go back to the other image and use the wand and set the Tolerance to 70% and then click the head with the wand on the Layer 2 once it is selected move over to the Background layer then press the F key and click the selected area. Make sure there are no gaps or you will get a problem where you'll select more than the head.


(Sorry for the big jump) Once you finished with all the colors Merge the layers by clicking the Layer 2 then click the button in the red box.

After that save the image and YOUR DONE


I really hope this blog helped and if it didn't try looking at my Youtube video of a tutorial of making this kind of simple art (above the post). Thanks for looking at this blog!

Link to download Skin viewer: Minecraft Skin Veiwer


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Yay! Cool!
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I'm using pdn and am rather experienced with it, but how do you access the outline tool? Or do you simply have to outline it yourself?
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