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How to make the Xp number coloured

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Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
If you have made a texture pack before, chances are that you encountered a strange thing whilst editing. The XP number (by that I refer to the number on top of the XP Bar) wasn't coloured like the XP bar!

What can you do to change this?
Just follow these steps:

1) You'll need Optifine for this, else it won't work! Click HERE or on this link to install Optifine: http://optifine.net/
2) Now navigate to your texture pack and go to <Pack Name> » assets » minecraft
3) Create a folder named optifine and open it.
4) Once there, create a text document and insert the following code:


nnnnnn stands for the hexadecimal code, which you can get by clicking HERE

5) Save the document as color.properties , if you're using a Mac, you have to convert it to Plain Text and save in format Western(Windows Latin 1)

If you are editing a pack for 1.8 (not sure about the other versions tho) name the folder mcpatcher instead of optifine

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