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TNT no terrain damage vanilla minecraft 2 command blocks

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Veritas025 avatar Veritas025
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
This is a blog that teaches you how to make tnt that will hurt players without damaging the terrain.
    So before we do anything type in /gamerule mobGriefing false then also do /gamerule commandBlockOutput false after that get a command block by doing /give @p command_block.
Then put this command in it. Then it needs to be on easy to work
/execute @e[type=PrimedTnt] ~ ~ ~ /summon Creeper ~ ~ ~

     What this does execute does the command where the entity, player or whatever is so where there is an @e (entity) which is a type PrimedTnt it will summon a creeper at the tnt's coordnates. The explosion radius is 4 like normal tnt, it's fuse is 30 the same as tnt, ignited means it already blows up so it doesn't just walk around, then The effects are invisibility so you don't see the creeper, and it is invlnerable so you can't kill it. So activate the 1st command with a fill clock, then have a comparator from the /execute command activate our final command block then in the command block that gets activated by the comparator put in /kill @e[type=PrimedTnt] that just gets rid of the tnt so it only spawns one creeper so the final result should look something like this. 


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06/11/2019 10:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LordYeetsus avatar
Exactly what i was looking for! If you've ever watched the anime My Hero Academia, i was trying to recreate some of their abilities and this is exactly what i was looking for to make explosion. No block damage, but player damage: perfect.
06/13/2019 11:22 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
Veritas025 avatar
Glad I was able to help. I was really young when I made this so the tutorial is pretty hard to understand, but nevertheless, glad you got it to work!
02/14/2016 4:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
anonpmc1358004 avatar
08/26/2015 12:24 pm
Level 1 : New Dolphin
deletedaccount123 avatar
K thx I wanted a TNT that destroys stuff
09/05/2015 11:08 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Engineer
Veritas025 avatar
This is for adventure maps that you might want TNT that does damage to players but doesn't destroy the map.
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