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How to make your own TEXTURE PACK For Windows 7

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Step 1: Go on your start menu and type in; %appdata% then press enter.

Step 2: Click on the .minecraft folder, then on the bin folder.

Step 3: Unzip the minecraft/minecraft.jar zipped folder inside bin. Winrar is best for this.

Step 4: You will have a new, unzipped folder called minecraft/minecraft.jar. Rename it for better understandance (I don't think that's a real word XD), and open it.

Step 4: Highlight all the CLASS files, and delete them, but NOTHING ELSE.

Step 5: All the textures are now in this new unzipped folder. Edit them using a reliable tool like Paint.net. To do this, right click on a picture, put your mouse over 'Open with...', then click on the painting tool you use.

Step 6: Once you are done, highlight everything, then right click and click 'Add to archive...'. Do NOT make the name too long, otherwise it will come out as a normal file. Click on ZIP, not RAR, and save. To tell if it is not a normal file, check to see if it has the Winrar logo. If it does, your good.

Step 7: Move this new pack into the .minecraft folder, to the texture pack folder, and place it in there. In minecraft, When you click on Texture Packs, Your textures will all be there!

Hope you got what you wanted after following this guide!

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11/25/2012 1:57 pm
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I don't understand u have to come around my house xD
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