How To Make Your Adventure Maps More Interesting

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Hello PMC people. Today I'm talking to you about adventures maps. Most of us like to play them, by people like Hypixel. A lot of us make adventure maps too. Some of us may be having some trouble getting downloads, views, and diamonds on our maps. Well, I have some tips to get more views on your maps! As long as you do it right :P

1. Good quality storyline
Add a good storyline to go along with the map. Tell a bit of the events leading up to the story or the main idea in the description. Adding plot twists, secrets and different paths for players to choose makes the map better. You can also add multiple endings, which depend on different paths, items collected, and time taken on different missions/quests.

2. Map/Builds
First off, make sure the maps go with the build! Make it look nice, and maybe use a resource pack too, and make sure it looks ok in the default pack as well. If you can't make nice builds, don't worry. Practice and watch people make nice builds. If you want, you can try making lots of enclosed areas, like a house interior. The landscape can be hard, depending on what you want. You can build the land, or have MC generate it for you. With 1.8, world customization is made easier, so try it out, then switch versions later, if you want.

3. Sequels, Prequels, and Branched Stories
Making an adventure map is like making a movie. You want to get as much money as possible, or in this case, diamonds, views, and downloads. Producers turn to prequels, sequels, and branched stories. Branched stories take place in the same universe, and can have people from both places interacting in one story. Marvel does this a lot, and they are rich. You can turn to these three in your maps, and get more from them.

4.Be Organized
You can't make very good maps if you aren't organized. The reason for this is simple... you'll lose and forget your good ideas! Write them down somewhere. On a piece of paper, Notepad, or even your hand :P Just put it in a safe place :)

5.Extra Systems
Some maps have extra little systems in their gameplay, such as Desperado's Honor, or Herobrine's Return's soul count. You may have it there to have players buy items or other things. It may also act as a punish system, where if they get negative points, they are hunted or thrown in jail.

Please leave feedback in the comments, and don't forget to diamond and sub :)

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