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How To Make Your Faction Server Popular!

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Okay, I am REALLY getting sick of this... tons and tons of low-quality faction servers... not only are they low-quality, they think it is the proper way! Faction servers are getting laughed at nowadays because of their suckiness. Here's the way to-do!

1. Admins
I dont care if he's your friend or not. DON'T OP PEOPLE. The average faction server needs about 1 or 2 ops, and opping can be eliminated entirely if you just give extremely trusted people ban/jail/mute permissions to get rid of hackers/spammers.

2. Spawn
If you want your spawn to catch your players' eyes, make it so you start next to wilderness, and you should be able to leave spawn in less than 10 seconds of joining the server. Shops and such can go behind spawn, and if you want to really make your users like spawn, make it a city or something similar that lets normal players open up shops there.

3. More Freedom!
This is one of the main problems. Servers are disabling Flint&Steel, TNT, Enderpearls, and tons of other things. If you want to make your players have fun, let them do what THEY think is fun, by letting them do whatever they want! In fact, you should also let people grief and raid anyone's bases, including the owner's, that way users will feel like they are at home since they aren't limited.

4. Admin & Owner Abuse
I've seen servers that are completely filled to the top with buildings and mountains and stuff made with WorldEdit. If you want your server to be enjoyful, let your players know that that diamond house over there, yeah, that's legit diamonds!

5. You Should Be A Player
Here's an idea... instead of flying around everywhere and living in a pointless bedrock house with chests filled with diamonds, instead you should be like a normal player, except with the more commands and perms, that you would only use when needed, not when you want. This way, you can see what the players see, and you can fix problems faster because you'll see them first-hand.

6. Rules
The truth is, rules don't work out. Instead, the rules should be this: "You can do anything as long as the plugins don't stop you" This is a good rule since it adds on to the freedom thing. Also, if your players find a glitch, like the one that lets you burn the locks off of Lockette-locked boxes, let them. They found it, let them use it... if you want them to stop, fix the code so it prevents them entirely.

7. Plugins
Most people say "Why put Lockette on a faction server?" I say "Why not?". Lockette is a great plugin for faction servers, especially since it doesn't overpower the users as it can easily be broken with glitches. Also, don't add plugins like Towny, Thirst, MineZ or Hero to a Faction server. They ruin the experience entirely.

8. Nicknames
Wanna know how to instantly know if a server sucks? Look at the owner's name. If it's big and bold and underlined, the server will be exactly that: Big and overrated.

9. Money
Using economy plugins to add money makes the server dull. Instead, use things like Gold, Slimeballs or Fire as money. Having money that you can hold lets you get it when you kill someone, so it gives more variety to PVP.

10. Grammar
This may sound crazy, but if the signs at spawn are misspelled, people will think you are an idiot, and nobody wants to be on a server owned by an idiot, do they? Of course not! Now i'm not talking about ALL signs, just ones that new players will see as soon as they join. Also, the welcome message also shouldn't have grammar errors.... you know what, just don't mess up grammar on anything official and important.

11. No Banning
Face it, banning is BORING. Only hackers should be banned. The rest of the criminals, however, should be put in a jail. The jail should be operated by a plugin, specifically one that keeps the jailed person in a certain defined area, and leaving that area will cause death, tons of dogs attacking you, or something else, ya know, horrible. That way, people who are in jail can at least talk and walk around... banning is cruel in my opinion.

12. Advertising
"But Mr. Minecraftian, how do i get people in the first place?!?!?!1" Good question, Quotation Marks.
Generally, getting people from PMC to join your server can be a hassle because getting people to even consider clicking on your server post requires a banner, a good one in fact, and if you are bad at banner making, your server wont get popular... so what do you do? For one, don't advertise on other servers, its idiotic. Next, i suggest advertising on YouTube comments, videos or PMs. If that doesn't work, try advertising on minecraft fan sites or maybe try putting it on a forum or something.

13. Stop Hacking
Sadly, this is extremely difficult. Even the latest version of Anti-cheat cant protect against reversed-engineered hacks. You'll probably need to make an email address that lets players send you screenshots of hackers so they can get banned. I'm honestly not sure what else to say about it.

14. Donating
There is a lot of servers that give donaters crazy stuff, like ban perms, creative, op... yeah...
Instead, give donaters items like diamonds and such when they buy it, not every week or anything similar.
Not doing this overpowers them and makes them pretty much the bosses of all the lower-class members.
Also, if your server is run on your PC (AKA you don't have to pay for it) don't ask for donations... it's just plain wrong.

I will sometimes add more to this list.

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Update #3 : by minecraftian333 04/08/2013 9:35:31 pmApr 8th, 2013

Added donating

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Hoshi or Akira
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i literally cant see any of the chat up there without zooming in
06/18/2018 5:25 pm
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11/11/2016 4:00 am
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This list is shit, i bet you know nothing about minecraft servers and are just writing this to get popular, mature please servers need rules without rules its chaos.
06/23/2016 7:46 pm
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